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Carver brand chainsaw: description, specifications and reviews of owners

Carver is a Russian brand that manufactures and sells garden tools. It was organized in 2009 and belongs to the Perm company “Uralopinstrument”. 1997 is considered the founding year of Uralopinstrument and consisted of 4 people. After some time, the number of residents in the state grew to 100, and the enterprise itself expanded production on a large scale.

The company has business relationships with many well-known brands involved in the production of various tools. In addition to focusing on dealer relationships, the company also launches its brands – Carver in 2009 and Parma in 2010.

The following products are manufactured under the Carver brand:

  1. Saws using gasoline as fuel and are of professional or semi-professional type. Thanks to the installed modern engines, they can reduce fuel consumption by 20% and increase power by 5%.
  2. Trimmers, powered by electricity or petrol, equipped with a line or a disc.
  3. Motor cultivators equipped with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.
  4. Motorized implement carriers for petrol and diesel as well as various attachments.

By participating in the annual Intertool/Mitex trade fair in Moscow, Uralopinstrument not only presents its new products, but also receives well-deserved encouragement from experts. Although it is a Russian company, all production facilities are in China. The company’s management decided to take such a strategic step in order to reduce production costs.

The price of domestic gasoline models varies from 3500 to 7000 rubles.

Model range of chainsaws Carver

The range of Carver chainsaws is represented by a large number of models that differ in power and type. All chainsaws are designed for felling trees or shaping crowns. Easily handle cutting branches of any thickness. With the help of such a chainsaw, firewood can be harvested quickly and easily, and trunks can be sawn crosswise and lengthwise. With the help of the easy-start system, the chainsaw can be started easily even when the engine is cold.

In order to make the operator’s work comfortable, a vibration damping system is provided.

Absolutely all models provide easy access to the air filter. This is done so that the owner can independently carry out maintenance. The saw has a toothed stop that ensures the accuracy of the cut. Thanks to the automatic chain lubrication, you don’t have to worry about that. The only thing to do is to maintain an adequate level of oil in the tank.

The presence of an instant brake ensures operator safety. The strong material used for the case can withstand extreme temperatures.

Household saws

CARVER PROMO PSG-45-15 belongs to the household type and is equipped with a 2 HP 2.4 stroke engine. The comfortable handle allows you to hold the saw for a long time without tension, despite the weight of 5.8 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw Carver PROMO PSG-45-15

The CARVER RSG 225 also belongs to the household class, but has less power than the previous model – only 1 HP. This does not reduce functionality, but it is much easier to hold and cut in the hand, since the weight is 4.3 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER RSG 225

CARVER RSG 241 is designed for domestic use and the engine installed on it has 1.8 hp. The number of links in the chain is 57, and the weight of the tool is 5.8 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER RSG 241

CARVER RSG-41-16K is a small household saw that can easily handle a small workload. A key advantage is the AfterCharge and Clean2 system, which offers maximum cleaning of the exhaust gases. The weight of the tool is 5.8 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER RSG-41-16K

CARVER RSG-52-20K has an output of 2.8 hp. and although it belongs to the household class, it can be used for labor-intensive work. A primer is installed on the saw, which pumps up fuel, which greatly facilitates the secondary start of the engine. Metal crankcase increases bearing life.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER RSG-52-20K

CARVER PROMO PSG-52-18 – household saw with easy-start system has a power of 2.6 hp. It is very easy to cut with because it is equipped with an anti-vibration system and a chain brake for instant stopping. The weight of such a tool is 5.2 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw Carver Promo PSG 52-18

The CARVER RSG 238 is a small chainsaw with quick start and 1.7 hp motor. It is used in the home for sawing trees and cutting branches. The piston group is chrome-plated. It also starts and works perfectly in winter.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER RSG 238

CARVER HOBBY HSG 145-15 is a 2.5 hp workhorse. The presence of a 2-stroke engine and a 38 cm tire makes the tool indispensable in everyday life for cutting branches, bushes and trees.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER HOBBY HSG 145-15

The CARVER HOBBY HSG 158-18 is the most powerful of the household saws because it is equipped with a 3 HP motor. With the help of an easy-start system, it starts perfectly even at low air temperatures. Reliable in operation due to the use of strong materials. Model weight 6.2 kg.

Kettensägen der Marke Carver: Beschreibung, Spezifikationen und Besitzerbewertungen

Chainsaw CARVER HOBBY HSG 158-18

Semi-professional saws

The range of Carver semi-professional chainsaws consists of tools with a power of 2.4 HP. up to 3.2 HP Reliable attachment of knots, automatic chain lubrication, easy start and chain brake – that’s not the whole list of features of this model series. Even with a 7 kg saw, it is made easy for the operator as the handles are ergonomically placed and have an anti-vibration system.

A number of Carver chainsaws are represented by models:

  1. CARVER RSG 246.
  2. CARVER RSG 262.
  3. CARVER RSG 258.
  4. CARVER RSG 252.

Top models Carver chainsaws

The popularity of the models is determined by several parameters: low fuel consumption, excellent functional characteristics and ease of use, namely light weight. Among the top models of the budget class, the following can be distinguished: CARVER PROMO PSG-45-15, CARVER PROMO PSG-52-18 and CARVER RSG 225. And among the models of the budget class, CARVER RSG 246 is the leader in popularity.

Operating instructions

Functions when using the Carver Promo PSG-45-15 Beznosaw are described in detail in the instructions, so it is recommended to study them before using them. When working, you must wear special protective clothing and anti-vibration gloves. It is necessary to start the saw at a distance of at least 3 m from the place of refueling.

Check chain tension before use. If everything is in order, the chain will be pulled in freely by no more than 4-6 mm. After installing a new chain, it is advisable to check the tension before fully breaking it in. The manual describes in detail how to start a cold and a warm engine.

Chainsaw maintenance

A special oil for gasoline 2-stroke engines is selected for lubrication. Gasoline with an octane rating of 92 is used. It is advisable not to use low-quality gasoline, as this can lead to premature failure of the saw. The mixing ratios in which the fuel mixture must be mixed are indicated on the oil packaging. As a rule, it is taken for 1 liter of gasoline and 0.025 liters of oil.

It is strictly forbidden to use a saw:

  1. On a gasoline, because due to insufficient lubrication, the engine quickly fails.
  2. Refuel with diesel fuel, as rubber and plastic parts can be damaged.
  3. Fill in oil that is not suitable for 2-stroke engines, as the outlet port may become clogged and the piston rings may seize.
  4. Pour mixtures that have expired, i.e. prepared a month ago.

You can always use SAE 10W-30 oil, SAE 30-40 in summer and SAE 20 in winter.

Mixing oil and fuel for Carver chainsaws

Important! Take precautions when shaking the mixture.

Use only the recommended proportions and try not to prepare the fuel mixture for the future, as it will lose its properties. In order to get the mixture right, you must first pour the oil into the container that comes with the kit and then add some gasoline. Thoroughly mix the resulting mixture and add the remaining gasoline.

Important! If it is not mixed well, the plunger may bind.

The first start-up and running-in of chainsaws Carver

Like any piece of equipment, a chainsaw must be broken in. Before you start the engine for the first time, you must ensure that the emergency stop is deactivated. After starting the saw according to the instructions, set the average speed and check the operation of the lubrication system. To make sure it works, hold the saw over the paper. If specks appear, the system is functioning properly.

The breaking-in is done with a chain, because this way you can make sure that the sawing part is in good condition. The whole procedure takes several hours. It is impossible to break in only at idle, as premature failure will occur. A light break-in is required to achieve good results.

You can study the user manual for Carver chainsaws in more detail at link.

major fault

Due to the fact that modern technology is becoming newer and more sophisticated, its design is becoming more and more complicated, and consequently its repair. Many breakdowns can be avoided if you follow the rules of operation. The most common breakdowns are:

  1. The engine does not start. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to check the candle or replace it with a new one, check the quality of the fuel liquid or replace it with a new one.
  2. Poor performance can be due to poor fuel mixture, clogged filters, or poor carburetor adjustment.
  3. The saw unit is not lubricated. The lubrication channels and holes on the saw and bar should be checked.

Carburetor adjustment

The principle of carburettor adjustment is simple and takes place step by step:

  1. Adjust the engine at low speed until trouble-free operation is achieved.
  2. At maximum speed, adjust the supply of fuel mixture.
  3. Adjust at idle.
  4. Check performance in all modes.

Video Rating

Below are video reviews of the saw Carver (Carver) Promo PSG-45-15

Owner Feedback

Many owners speak positively about the technical characteristics and performance of the Carver chainsaw in their reviews, but would like more detailed repair instructions for their own implementation.

Mikhail, 44 years, Moscow

“Despite the fact that the Carver saw comes from China, it is characterized by its processing quality and high performance. The main thing is to stick to the operating instructions, although the repair instructions are not enough for me.

Ruslan, 56 years old, Poltava

“I’m missing the 15 inch tire length option and plan to get a 16 inch tire. At first the saw seemed big and massive, but later I realized that thanks to it, it sawed even the thickest logs with ease.

Advantages: high processing quality, functional.

Disadvantages: massive.

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