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Husqvarna 340i vs 535i xp – Which chainsaw is better?

Comparison of cordless chainsaws: HUSQVARNA 340i and HUSQVARNA 535i XP®
In this review we will compare two Husqvarna cordless chainsaw models: the HUSQVARNA 340i and the HUSQVARNA 535i XP®.

Both models are known for their power and efficiency, but they differ in a few key areas, which we’ll look at in more detail below.

Technical data

FeaturesHusqvarna 340iHusqvarna 535i XP®
chain speed20 m/s20 m/s
Battery performance36V36V
Battery typeLi-IonLi-Ion
Min. bar length30 cm25 cm
Max. bar length40 cm35 cm
chain typeS93GSP21G
bar length35 cm35 cm
Weight without battery2.8 kg2.6 kg
Sound pressure level at the ear88 dB(A)93 dB(A)
Sound power level, LWA101 dB(A)106 dB(A)
equiv. Vibration value3.2 m/s²2.5 m/s² front, 2.8 m/s² rear

The HUSQVARNA 340i and 535i XP® are both equipped with a 36V Li-Ion battery and offer a chain speed of 20 m/s. For both models, the recommended minimum rail length is 30cm for the 340i and 25cm for the 535i XP®, while the maximum rail length is 40cm for the 340i and 35cm for the 535i XP®.

Both models weigh around 2.8 kg for the 340i and 2.6 kg for the 535i XP® without the battery.


Both models are designed for ease of use and efficiency. They have a slim physique that allows for excellent maneuverability. Both models have a highly visible battery status indicator on the handle and a tool-free or “regular” chain tensioning system.

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The 535i XP® is specially designed for professional users such as carpenters, contractors and arborists.


In terms of dimensions, both models are quite similar. They are both lightweight and portable, making them ideal for a variety of uses.


The HUSQVARNA 340i and 535i XP® both deliver high performance for a wide range of tasks, from woodworking to tree care. Their batteries provide enough power for longer working hours and they both have a high chain speed that ensures efficient cutting.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both models have their advantages and disadvantages.

The 340i offers excellent maneuverability thanks to its slim body and has lower noise and vibration levels.

The 535i XP®, on the other hand, offers higher performance and high chain speed, making it ideal for professional users.


Both models are powerful and efficient, but the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs.

The HUSQVARNA 340i is an excellent choice for versatile applications and offers excellent value for money.

The HUSQVARNA 535i XP®, although more expensive, offers higher performance and is ideal for professional users. Overall, both models offer excellent value and are solid choices for

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