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Husqvarna 445 II chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

Overview chainsaw Husqvarna 445 II

The Husqvarna 445 II is a powerful all-round saw for users who are looking for a saw with professional features. It is designed for demanding applications and offers numerous functions that make work easier.

Who is it for and where can it be used?

The Husqvarna 445 II is designed for professional use and for demanding private users. It is ideal for a variety of applications including tree felling, delimbing and cutting firewood.

Where are Husqvarna 445 II chainsaws made?

Husqvarna chainsaws, including the 445 II model, are made in Sweden.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 445 II: Specifications

The technical data of the Husqvarna 445 II are listed in the following table:

property Value
Displacement 45.7 cm³
Output power 2.1 kW
Chain speed at maximum power 17.3 m/s
Recommended rail length, max. 50 cm
Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 4.9 kg
Sound pressure level at operator’s ear 103 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) front/rear handle 3.1 / 4.9 m/s²

Operating instructions

OM. 445 II, 445e II, 450 II, 450e II. 2022-02

Equipment list: Which accessories are action packs?

  1. Air Injection: Fewer filter cleanings thanks to Air Injection
  2. Hinged fuel cap: easy refueling thanks to the hinged fuel cap
  3. Air filter with quick release
  4. Felling markers: Felling markers for targeted felling
  5. X-TORQ® engine: X-TORQ® engine technology reduces emissions and consumption
  6. Combined choke/stop switch: Intuitive operation
  7. Lateral chain tension: quick and easy chain adjustment
  8. Cylinder cover with quick release: easy maintenance
  9. Three-part crankshaft: Maximum durability in demanding applications
  10. LowVib: LowVib relieves the user’s arms and hands
  11. Fuel pump: fuel pump for easy starting
  12. Inertia-triggered chain brake: Efficient, inertia-triggered chain brake
  13. Fuel level check: fuel level window
  14. Easy to start: Easy to start
Husqvarna 130 vs Stihl 170 - Which chainsaw is better?

Chain for chainsaws: which ones are there?

The Husqvar na 445 II uses a chain with a .325″ pitch. There are different types of chainsaw chain that will fit the Husqvarna 445 II depending on the type of work you want to do. Some examples are Full chisel chains for professional felling and limbing and semi chisel chains for general pruning and firewood

Chainsaw changing chain Instructions Husqvarna 445 II

  1. Make sure that the saw is switched off and has cooled down completely.
  2. Remove the cylinder cover with the quick release.
  3. Loosen the chain tension by turning the side chain tensioner.
  4. Remove the guide bar and the old chain.
  5. Place the new chain over the guide bar and make sure it is properly seated on the drive sprockets.
  6. Assemble the guide bar and chain back onto the saw and only lightly tighten the mounting nuts.
  7. Tension the chain with the lateral chain tensioner.
  8. Tighten the mounting nuts and replace the cylinder cover.

Performance and experience in handling the chainsaw

The Husqvarna 445 II offers high performance and easy handling. With its X-Torq® engine, it offers strong performance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The saw is equipped with a number of features that make it easy to use, including the hinged fuel cap, quick-release air filter and fuel level gauge.

What are the main faults Husqvarna 445 II

As with any device, problems can also occur with the Husqvarna 445 II. Some of the most common problems can be:

  • The saw will not start: This could be due to a problem with the fuel system, ignition system or compression.
  • The saw runs but the chain does not rotate: This could indicate a problem with the clutch, chain tension or drive sprocket.
  • The saw runs erratically or dies: This could indicate a problem with the carburetor, ignition or fuel system.

Why won’t my gas saw start? List of possible causes

There are many possible reasons why your petrol saw will not start:

  • Incorrect fuel/air mixture: Make sure that the fuel/air mixture is correct and that the carburetor is adjusted correctly.
  • Defective spark plug: Check the spark plug and replace if necessary.
  • Clogged fuel filter: Clean or replace the fuel filter if it is clogged.
  • Clogged air filter: Clean or replace the air filter if it is clogged
  • Fuel system problems: Check that fuel flows correctly from the tank to the carburetor.
  • Defective starter: Check the starter for visible damage and replace if necessary.

Owner feedback: What do the users say?

Husqvarna 445 II users often praise it for its performance, durability and ease of use. They appreciate the saw’s professional features, including the powerful X-Torq® motor and hinged fuel cap. However, some users have reported problems starting the saw.

Maintenance and care of the chainsaw Husqvarna 445 II

The Husqvarna 445 II is known for its durability and performance, but regular maintenance and care is still important to ensure that it performs reliably for many years to come.

Basic setting, fuel mixture, mixture ratio, starting

A petrol mixture with a mixing ratio of 50:1 is recommended for the Husqvarna 445 II. This means that for every 50 parts of petrol there is 1 part of two-stroke oil. It is important to always use fresh gasoline and good quality 2-stroke oil.

Important maintenance instructions for a long service life

  • Regularly check the chain and guide bar for wear and replace if necessary.
  • Clean the air filter regularly and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the spark plug regularly and replace it if necessary.
  • Regularly check the condition of the fuel filter and replace it if necessary.
  • Keep the saw clean and free from dirt and resin.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 445 II model: comparison table

Benefits Disadvantages
High Performance X-Torq® Motor Can be difficult to start
Easy handling Maintenance can be complex
Durable and reliable Spare parts can be expensive
Numerous functions that make work easier

Which models of other chainsaw brands are comparable to the Husqvarna 445 II chainsaw?

Other brand models comparable to the Husqvarna 445 II could be the Stihl MS 251, the McCulloch CS 450 Elite and the Dolmar 420. These saws offer similar performance, weight and features.

Feature Husqvarna 445 McCulloch CS 450 Elite Stihl MS 251 Dolmar 420
Price (€) 679 463.60 410 400
Weight (kg) 4.9 5.3 4.8 4.8
Displacement (cm³) 45.7 45.7 45.6 42.4
Power (kW) 2.1 2 2.2 2
Recommended guide rail length (cm) 33-50 33-45 40 38
Chain speed at max. Power (m/s) 17.3 23
Sound pressure level at operator’s ear (dB(A)) 103 103
Guaranteed sound power level (dB(A)) 114 116 114
Equivalent vibration value (ahv, eq) front/rear handle (m/s²) 3.1 / 4.9 2.5 / 2.9 3.9 / 3.9

Please note that not all data has been made available for every chainsaw. For an accurate comparison, you should refer to the official specifications of each model on the manufacturer’s website or from a retailer.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 445 II is a powerful and reliable chainsaw, suitable for professional and demanding applications. Equipped with numerous functions that make work easier and its powerful X-Torq® motor, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable and powerful saw.

However, it should be noted that some users have reported difficulties starting the saw and that maintenance can be a bit complex. Still, if you’re willing to take care of regular maintenance, the Husqvarna 445 II is a chainsaw that should last for many years.

It is always advisable to do thorough research before making a purchase and compare different models and brands to get the best value for money. Compare the Husqvarna 445 II to similar models from other brands like Stihl, Echo and Makita to ensure you choose the right saw for your needs.

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