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Husqvarna 450 Mark II chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

Overview chainsaw Husqvarna 450 Mark II

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II is a versatile and powerful chainsaw designed for various applications. It is particularly popular with users who appreciate a saw with professional features.

Who is it for and where can it be used?

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II is ideal for demanding users and farmers who regularly have to do woodwork. It can be used for a variety of tasks, from tree care to timber harvesting and processing.

Where are Husqvarna 450 chainsaws made?

Husqvarna is a Swedish company and many of its products, including the Husqvarna 450, are made in Sweden.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 450 Mark II: Specifications

Specification Description
Displacement 50.2 cm³
Performance 2.4 kW
Chain speed at maximum power 17.3 m/s
CO2 emissions (EU V) 742 g/kWh
Recommended minimum rail length 33 cm
Recommended maximum rail length 50 cm
chain pitch .325″
chain type SP33G
rail length 38 cm (15 in)
Weight (without cutting equipment) 4.9 kg
Sound power level (LWA) 115 dB(A)
Vibration (front/back) 3.1 m/s² / 4.9 m/s²

Operating instructions

OM. 445 II, 445e II, 450 II, 450e II. 2022-02

Equipment list: Which accessories are action packs?

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II comes with a number of accessories:

  1. chain type SP33G
  2. 38 cm (15 in) rail
  3. combination key
  4. protective cover for the splint
  5. Operating instructions

Chain for chainsaws: which ones are there?

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II comes with a SP33G chain, which has a .325″ pitch. You can use other .325″ chains as long as they are suitable for the length of your bar.

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Performance and experience in handling the chainsaw

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II offers excellent performance and handling. With its powerful X-Torq® engine that offers better fuel economy and lower emissions, and a host of user-friendly features such as the Air Injection filter system, quick-release air filter cover and flip-up fuel cap, the Husqvarna 450 offers a powerful yet user-friendly sawing experience .

What are the main faults Husqvarna 450 Mark II

Although the Husqvarna 450 Mark II is generally a very reliable saw, there are some common issues that can arise:

  1. Difficulty Starting: This can be due to a number of factors including problems with the ignition system, carburetor or fuel system.
  2. Chain problems: This can be caused by poor chain tension, a damaged chain or problems with lubrication.
  3. Overheating: If the saw overheats, this could indicate a problem with the cooling system, poor maintenance or excessive stress.

Owner feedback: What are the users saying?

The Husqvarna 450 receives generally positive reviews from users praising its performance, handling and reliability. However, some users have reported problems with starting the saw and chain tension.

Maintenance and care of the chainsaw Husqvarna 450 Mark II

Proper maintenance and care of your Husqvarna 450 Mark II is essential to maximize its performance and lifespan. This includes:

Basic setting, fuel mixture, mixture ratio, starting

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II requires a 50:1 petrol/oil mixture. It is important that you use the correct mixture to ensure the engine runs and is lubricated properly. Make sure the spark plug is properly adjusted and the air filter is clean before attempting to start the saw.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 450 Mark II model: comparison table

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful engine Can be difficult to start
User-friendly functions Some users report problems with the chain tension
Low fuel consumption and emissions Can overheat if not maintained
Robust construction Slightly higher price compared to some other models
Good user ratings

Which models of other chainsaw brands are comparable to the Husqvarna 450 Mark II chainsaw?

There are several models from other brands that are comparable to the Husqvarna 450 Mark II.

Feature Husqvarna 450 Mark II Husqvarna 545II Stihl MS 251 Stihl MS 271
Price €739.00 €1,049.00 €681.00 €717.00
Displacement 50.2 cm³ 50.1 cm³ 45.6 cm³ 50.2 cm³
Output power 2.4 kW 2.7 kW 2.2 kW 2.6 kW
CO2 emissions 742 g/kWh 844 g/kWh 862 g/kWh 826 g/kWh
Recommended bar length (min-max) 33-50 cm 33-50 cm 35-40 cm 35-40 cm
Saw chain pitch .325″ .325″ .325″ .325″
Weight (without cutting equipment) 4.9 kg 5.3 kg 4.8 kg 5.6 kg
Sound pressure level 104 dB(A) 106 dB(A) 103 dB(A) 103 dB(A)
Sound power level 115 dB(A) 116 dB(A) 114 dB(A) 115 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration value (front/rear handle) 3.1/4.9 m/s² 3.6/4.1 m/s² 3.9/3.9 m/s² 4.5/4.5 m/s²

Please note that this table contains only some of the technical data for each model and other characteristics such as the ergonomics of the handle, the quality of the cutter and other aspects should also be taken into account. It’s also important to note that price and availability may vary by retailer and location.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 450 Mark II is a powerful, user-friendly and reliable chainsaw that is excellent for a wide range of cutting jobs. Although it can be a bit more expensive than some other models, it offers a variety of features and a sturdy construction that justifies its price. If you are looking for a quality chainsaw that is suitable for both professional and DIY applications, the Husqvarna 450 Mark II is an excellent choice.

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