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Husqvarna 540i XP vs Stihl msa 220 vs Stihl msa 300 – Which chainsaw is better?

These three models of electric saws – Husqvarna 540i XP, Stihl MSA 220 and Stihl MSA 300 – are similar for several important reasons, which make them direct competitors in the professional gardening equipment market:

  1. Professional use: All three saws are designed for professional use and offer sufficient power and efficiency for demanding tasks such as the removal of small and medium-sized trees or woodworking.
  2. Battery operation: All three saws are battery operated, eliminating the noise and emissions of gasoline engines and making operation and maintenance easier.
  3. Power: All three models run on 36V batteries, which provides enough power for most tasks.
  4. Renowned manufacturers: Husqvarna and Stihl are well-known manufacturers of gardening equipment with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.
  5. Size and Weight: These saws are similar in size and weight, making them comfortable for longer periods of work.

Comparing these models allows potential buyers to judge which best suits their needs and preferences, considering cost, features, performance and additional functions.

Technical details

Here are the main technical characteristics of these electric saws

CharacteristicsHusqvarna 540i XPStihl MSA 220Stihl MSA 300
Price (without battery and charger)€829.00€509.00€857.00
Battery performance36V36V36V
Battery typeLi-IonAP systemAP system
Chain speed at maximum power24 m/sUnknownUp to 30 m/s
Recommended bar length, min/max30cm/40cm35-40 cm35-40 cm
rail length40 cm35-40 cm35-40 cm
Weight without battery2.9 kg5.4 kg5.4 kg
Sound pressure level at operator’s ear95 dB(A)91 dB(A)93 dB(A)
Sound power level, LWA106 dB(A)99 dB(A)104 dB(A)
Equivalent vibration value (ahv, eq) front/rear handle3.6 m/s²/3.7 m/s²4.8/3.6 m/s²2.6/2.8 m/s²
Special featuresBluetooth, oil sensorLow-maintenance EC motorThree operating programs, Robust construction
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All three saws are robustly built and intended for professional use. They feature ergonomically designed handles and have intuitive controls.

Dimensions and weight

At 2.9 kg without the battery, the Husqvarna 540i XP is the lightest of the three saws. The two Stihl models each weigh 5.4 kg.


The two Stihl models MSA 220 and MSA 300 have a higher chain speed of up to 30 m/s, while the Husqvarna 540i XP reaches 24 m/s.

Advantages and disadvantages

Husqvarna 540i XP


  • Lighter than the Stihl models
  • Built-in connectivity allows easy tracking of usage statistics


  • Lower chain speed

Stihl MSA 220 and MSA 300


  • Higher chain speed
  • Powerful and low-maintenance EC motor (MSA 220)
  • Three operating programs for efficient work (MSA 300)


  • Heavier than the Husqvarna
  • Short battery life (MSA 300)


The choice of chainsaw depends heavily on individual requirements and preferences. The Husqvarna 540i XP is lighter and offers built-in connectivity features, while the Stihl models offer higher chain speed and additional features.

The Stihl MSA 220 and MSA 300 are slightly more expensive than the Husqvarna, but deliver higher performance and have additional features such as different operating programs (MSA 300) and a low-maintenance EC motor (MSA 220).

However, the Husqvarna 540i XP is significantly lighter, which can make a big difference when working longer hours. In addition, it offers built-in connectivity features that make it easy to track usage statistics and service history.

Overall, all three saws are well suited for professional users.

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