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Makita 4041 chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

The Makita 4041 electric chainsaw is a versatile tool for household and semi-professional use. The saw is specially designed for sawing all types of wood, even the toughest. Due to its low weight and quiet operation, it is one of the most popular tools in its model class.

Motorsäge Makita 4041: Spezifikationen, Beschreibung und Bewertungen der Besitzer

Electric chainsaw Makita UC4041A

The Makita 4041 chainsaw is very reliable, has good build quality, is easy to maintain and has a low percentage of defects. It is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication function, which is economical in the consumption of lubricant. Works from a network with a standard voltage of 220 V.

Basic equipment, equipment and assembly

Complete set electric saw Makita 4041:

  • saw in disassembled form;
  • a universal key for assembling the main elements;
  • tires;
  • chain;
  • Warranty document and user manual.

Country of origin: Japan.

Country of assembly: Japan, USA, China.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the electric saw Makita 4041:

  • electric saw power – 1800 W;
  • Options: chain brake, automatic chain lubrication, lockable power button;
  • tire length 40 cm;
  • oil tank capacity – 200 ml;
  • chain pitch standard, 3/8;
  • chain rotation speed – 14.5 m / s;
  • Electric saw dimensions (DShV in mm): 455x245x200;
  • tool weight without oil filling and sawing part – 4.7 kg;
  • the term of the official guarantee is 36 months.

Instructions for use and maintenance

Согласно InstructionsWhen using the Makita 4041 electric chainsaw, the following rules must be observed:

  • use the tool only for sawing wood, cutting branches, bushes, cutting wood lengthwise and crosswise;
  • work in protective equipment;
  • monitor the integrity of the electrical cable;
  • Do not turn on the saw with low voltage in the network.
  • Keep the outer surface of the saw clean, lubricate the tire with a special technical grease.
  • Store the tool in a dry room with a positive temperature.
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Major disruptions and their elimination

The main malfunctions of the Makita 4041 electric chainsaw:

  1. The saw cannot be switched on, the motor does not work. Reason: there is no voltage in the network, there is damage or a break in the cable. Remedy: Replace damaged cable, only operate the saw with normal mains voltage.
  2. The quality of the wood cut has deteriorated, the saw blade moves with difficulty. Cause: The chain is blunt. Remedy: Sharpen the chain or replace the worn chain with a new one.
  3. Strong vibrations or rattling occur during cutting. Reason: loose chain. Remedy: tighten the chain.

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Owner feedback

Andrey, 51 years old, Nikolaev:

„Ich habe mich zwischen zwei Modellen zwischen Makita und Intertool entschieden. Am Ende auf Anraten des Verkäufers Makita gekauft und es nicht bereut.

Die Säge wurde ausschließlich für Brennholz benötigt, andere Arbeiten mit Holz mache ich nicht.

Advantages: low weight, easy to hold, no loud noises during operation, I’ve only read positive reviews about this tool online.

Disadvantages: after a year of use, I haven’t noticed any defects, this is an electric saw, what could be the disadvantages? It wasn’t repaired and it didn’t break, that’s the most important thing.”

Nikolay, 50 years old, Odessa:

“I bought a Makita electric saw and I am so happy! I used the tool very early on to fell dry trees on a property I inherited. There’s plenty of work, but my Makita did an excellent job felling trees. The chain was sharpened almost at the end of the work.

Advantages: quality, good assembly and work, I am very satisfied and recommend the saws of this company to everyone.

Disadvantages: None.

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