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Patriot PT 4518 chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews


Chainsaw Patriot imperial pt-4518 – popular модель gasoline chainsaw with an average power source. It refers to household chainsaws, but in terms of performance it can be classified as a semi-professional model. The engine power of the chainsaw is 2100 W, which makes it possible to use this tool when building wooden structures, harvesting firewood for the winter, as well as caring for garden plantings, in particular, thinning shrubs or shaping trees crowns.

Überblick über die Kettensäge Patriot PT 4518. Motorparameter, Zweck, Vor- und Nachteile des Modells

Chainsaw Patriot PT 4518

Pros and cons of the Patriot chainsaw


  • Increased power resource compared to other household chainsaws of the Patriot series;
  • The presence of an automatic chain brake – minimizes emergency situations when the chain slips when cutting;
  • Automatic chain oil supply, this function saves the owner time to refuel fuel and lubricants;
  • The increased volume of the fuel tank allows you to use the saw longer without turning it off.
  • Reasonable price;
  • A 45 cm tire allows you to use a chainsaw to process large logs;
  • This chainsaw model, the length of the tire and the body are perfectly balanced, it is convenient to hold the tool by the handles.


  • In the reviews of this model, some owners note the fragility of the plastic of the chainsaw body.
  • Patriot imperial pt-4518 can not work with low-quality gasoline or oil for a long time, the tool’s motor is sensitive to low-quality fuel.

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Overview of the Poulan 2150 chainsaw. Specifications, description and user manual

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basic equipment

Complete set of chainsaw Patriot imperial pt-4518:

  • Saw part (chain, tire);
  • Body panel (with engine, gas tank and oil tank);
  • Tool Manual;
  • Certificate of Guarantee;
  • A universal wrench for assembling a chainsaw;
  • Cardboard packaging.

Patriot Brand Country: USA. Country of model assembly: China.

Technical characteristics

Description of the technical parameters, options and characteristics of the Patriot imperial pt-4518 chainsaw:

  • The displacement of the chainsaw engine is 45 cc;
  • Chain pitch is 0.325 inch;
  • The chain has a link thickness of 1.5 mm;
  • The number of chain links – 72;
  • Fuel tank – 550 ml;
  • Oil tank – 260 ml;
  • The hoop has a length of 45 cm;
  • The weight of the Patriot Imperial PT-4518 chainsaw is 6.5 kg.
  • Warranty period – 12 months.
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Überblick über die Kettensäge Patriot PT 4518. Motorparameter, Zweck, Vor- und Nachteile des Modells

Use and maintenance manual

According to the owner’s instructions, the Patriot imperial pt-4518 chainsaw should be used as follows:

  • Before assembling the chainsaw, read the description of the components of the structure, assemble the chainsaw according to the manual, make sure that all parts of the saw are connected securely;
  • Before starting, fill the fuel tank with a mixture of oil and gasoline in a ratio of 1:30;
  • Use only high-quality gasoline and oil and the first freshness, do not fill the chainsaw with cheap materials, this will lead to rapid engine wear;
  • Tension the chain with the side tensioner after each use.

Major faults and their elimination

Possible malfunctions that the owner of the Patriot imperial pt-4518 chainsaw may encounter:

  1. The chainsaw began to “drink” a lot of gasoline, oil is not consumed economically. Cause and remedy: check the tank for oil leaks, adjust the carburetor in all operating states, use high-quality lubricants, check the condition of the fuel filter, replace if necessary.
  2. The saw started to cut worse. Cause and remedy: blunt or slack chain; Tension chain, sharpen links or replace chain.

Video review of work

Owner Feedback

Oleg, Yagotyn:

“The Patriot chainsaw is good, compared to reviews of other “Imperials” and personal experience, I really like it. Satisfied with the quality of work and the performance. My subjective opinion is that a chainsaw should not have power below 2000 W, then labor productivity increases significantly, besides everything goes much faster.

I have been using my Patriot chainsaw for over two years. The warranty period has expired, but so far there have been no failures, thank God.

Pros: I bought at a ridiculous price, I don’t even remember how much I paid, but I sure remember it wasn’t enough. I replaced the chain once during my work, now I’m still working on the old one, sharpened it once. I mainly use it in the garden and in the forest when I get firewood.

Disadvantages: on the Patriot you often have to tighten the chain, but this is the misfortune of all “patriots”.

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