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Renovation of the outdoor terrace: photos before and after the renovation

Renovation of an open terrace in white

Renovierung einer offenen Terrasse: Vorher-Nachher-Fotos

We are pleased to present an unusual project in our article: the renovation of an open terrace. The owners of this apartment did a great job transforming a big, empty, uninteresting old balcony into a cozy, beautiful patio that just needs to be spent time on.

First, the owners covered the defects on the walls with paint and on the partition with green plants, which almost completely cover them. So that even the strongest rain did not spoil the pleasant pastime and relaxation on the terrace, they installed a light canopy.

White was chosen for the furniture – a corner sofa with decorative cushions, a table and chairs. Tall pots for plants – grey. And, of course, the floor was completely renovated: before the repair it was uneven and it was not possible to do anything on the balcony, let alone rest.

Renovierung einer offenen Terrasse: Vorher-Nachher-Fotos
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