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Replacing the chainsaw clutch. Recommendations and video reviews

How to change the clutch of a chainsaw?

Chainsaw owners have probably asked themselves more than once – how to change the clutch on a chainsaw? On most models of chainsaws, dismantling and replacement of the clutch can easily be done manually by the owner himself, on a small number of models the drum can only be unscrewed in the workshop (such chainsaws include, for example, the Husqvarna 137 or Partner 351).

Austausch der Kettensägenkupplung. Empfehlungen und Videobewertungen

Dismantling the chainsaw clutch

In this review, you will learn how to remove and change a chainsaw clutch yourself, when to do it and what tools you may need.

When to remove the clutch

The coupling is dismantled for removal in such cases:

  • when the spring bursts (the chain rotates, the motor runs intermittently);
  • spring flew away;
  • a piece of the drum broke off (in this case there is a noise, the chainsaw also rotates);
  • temporary wear (it’s time to remove and replace the clutch due to resource depletion).

Modern chainsaws are driven by two-stroke engines that are connected to the saw chain via a gearbox. The chain moves along the rail, and according to the principle of centrifugal force, the idle must remain stationary, that is, safe for the one holding the chainsaw.

If the load on the tool exceeds the recommended load, the clutch will weaken or completely stop transmitting torque to the tire. This stops the engine. In such situations, the clutch will wear out and eventually need to be replaced. In the chain saw operating instructions, some manufacturers indicate that the clutch is a wearing part, i.e. it must be replaced regularly.

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Video – How to remove a chainsaw clutch:

Repair kit, necessary tools

To remove, disassemble or adjust the clutch, we need the following tools:

  • puller (supplied with some chainsaws);
  • Universal wrench (included with every chainsaw, also available separately in hardware stores);
  • flat screwdriver;
  • butt stopper or simple rope to fix the butt;
  • new spare parts (drum, spring, etc.).

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Disassembly of the chainsaw clutch:

How do I remove and reinstall the clutch on the chainsaw?

Scheme of the procedure for removing the clutch from a chainsaw (let’s take, for example, a situation when it is necessary to replace a drum):

  • Remove the saw set with the universal wrench.
  • remove the chain, the hoop;
  • unscrew the air filter cover;
  • then we turn the candle;
  • Fix the piston with a stopper or rope.
  • Remove the clutch with a mandrel (puller) or a universal wrench for removing the clutch.
  • Remove the coupling by unscrewing it clockwise.
  • remove and replace the drum.

After the above steps, the entire assembly is done in reverse order.

How to adjust the chainsaw clutch?

How is the chainsaw clutch adjusted? It is more correct to talk about repairs, since usually the carburetor is adjusted, and not the clutch. If we talk about clutch adjustment, it is important to consider two nuances:

  • Chainsaws of some models, including German, Finnish and Swedish, have a special washer, which can be between the motor and the sprocket or between the drum and the sprocket. This washer must be carefully removed and then reinserted, if it needs to be replaced, replace it with an identical one;
  • The spring is not contracted, so if it breaks, the part is considered damaged and is replaced with a new one. The lack of a working spring will result in a lack of lubrication in the chain.

How to loosen the clutch on a chainsaw with your own hands:

Owner Feedback

Vlad, Odessa:

“When repairing a chainsaw, I had such a situation: the clutch would not give way, did not want to be removed. Jammed, in a word. Such an “old-fashioned method” helped: the place of the thread was heated a little with a burner, very carefully so as not to damage the gland. And everything worked out. Maybe my advice will be useful for someone.

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