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Stihl 260-MS chainsaw overview: technical data, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews


The Stihl 260-ms chainsaw is a professional chainsaw with a relatively low weight and performance that is optimal for large and medium-sized jobs. The purpose of the chainsaw rest 260-ms – felling a young forest, sawing dry branches and branches, sawing logs with a diameter of more than 60 cm.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 260-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Chainsaw Stihl 260-MS

Distinctive features of the chainsaw model are ease of maintenance and ease of use, for which the Stihl 260-ms receives many positive reviews. Owners note the convenience of the side chain tensioning option, the presence of a lubricating pump that allows you to adjust the amount of oil supplied to the chain, as well as an effective chainsaw vibration damping system during operation. Another useful feature of the Stihl 260-ms chainsaw is the convenient ElastoStart.

The model is equipped with a compensator and a decompression valve.

The recommended price from the official dealer is 12439 UAH.

The power of the Calm 260-ms chainsaw is 2600 watts. The volume of the engine cylinder is 50.2 cmXNUMX.

Basic equipment, equipment, assembly and production country

Stihl chainsaws come standard for sale, it includes:

  • Chainsaw body part with fuel tank;
  • chain and tire;
  • instruction;
  • guarantee;
  • a universal wrench needed for assembly;
  • packaging.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 260-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Dealers offer to purchase additional accessories for Stihl chainsaws, such as:

  • Stihl lubricating oils for saws and chains;
  • protective covers for tires;
  • chain rest;
  • Accessories for safe work (gloves, masks, goggles, etc.).

Assembly and production of a model of a Calm 260-ms petrol chainsaw: Brazil, China.

This chainsaw was formerly manufactured in the USA, but Stihl 260ms assembly plants have been operating in China and Brazil for a number of years.

Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics:

  • idle speed / maximum per minute – 2800/9500;
  • tire length – 40 cm;
  • Chain – Stihl Oilomatic Rapid Super;
  • chain pitch 0 inch;
  • Vibration range – from 3.6-4.1 m / s²
  • noise level 113 dB;
  • Sound pressure level 99 dB.

Use and maintenance manual

Which components of the Stihl 260-ms chainsaw require regular maintenance:

  • chain (tension control, sharpening, replacement);
  • ignition system (spark plug);
  • fuel and air filters;
  • carburetor;
  • chain lubrication system;
  • The tools are cleaned of dust and oil residues, chips and other contaminants every day.

User manual chainsaw Shtil-260

The Stihl 260-ms chainsaw is operated:

  • in protective equipment;
  • when the tank is filled with a fuel mixture (the ratio of oil to gasoline is 1:50);
  • with sufficient chain lubrication;
  • It is highly undesirable to work with a chainsaw in the rain.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 260-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

The main disturbances of Calm 260-ms and their elimination

  1. The saw blade and the body of the chainsaw become very hot. Reason: overload, too much use. Remedy: Switch off the saw from time to time to cool down the motor.
  2. The cutting quality has decreased, the saw produces small chips. Reason: The chain is blunt. Remedy: Replace or sharpen chain.
  3. The chainsaw makes extraneous noises (clicking, knocking, excessive vibration, etc.). Cause: Carburetor unbalanced. Remedy: Adjust carburettor.

Video review

Owner feedback

“My experience of operating this chainsaw as a direct owner is 6 years.

I can say with confidence that the saw is legendary, and many reviews from my colleagues and acquaintances confirm this. Without going into details, the Stihl 260-ms is the best and most useful tool in the Stihl saw line. Again, this is a personal opinion.

Advantages: Affordable price, great power and performance, perfect power to tire length ratio, light weight.

Disadvantages: Of the sins of this saw, I can only find a loose fit of the clutch locks. However, this does not affect the overall operation and functionality.

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