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Stihl 310-MS chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews


Powerful chainsaw Quiet 310 ms is a tool for semi-professional and professional purposes and applications. The power of the chainsaw motor is 4.4 hp, which is 3200 watts. A similar range of power is characteristic of devices that work successfully in heavy-duty conditions, adverse weather conditions, and can work even in severe frosts.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 310-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Chainsaw Stihl 310-MS

The purpose of the chainsaw Stihl 310 ms: work in medium-sized forest plantations, logging in large quantities, utility work, an auxiliary function during construction. This chainsaw becomes universal due to its technical parameters: classic design, optimal length of tires, carburetor heating, compensator.

The cost of the original chainsaw of this model is 31990 rubles (13127 UAH).

Video of the Stihl chainsaw 310 ms

basic equipment

The standard equipment for the Stihl 310 ms chainsaw is:

  • dismantled tool;
  • instruction;
  • guarantee;
  • key required for assembly;
  • Packaging.

The manufacturer produces other accessories for Stihl chainsaws, including:

  • lubricants;
  • equipment, equipment for work;
  • chains;
  • Spare parts.

Technical characteristics of the Stihl 310ms:

  • single lever control;
  • Ematic chain lubrication system from Stihl;
  • chain tensioner on the outside of the chainsaw;
  • anti-vibration option;
  • brake for immediate chain stop (QuickStop);
  • lubrication with a pump;
  • Carburetor heater (option makes the chainsaw the ideal tool for winter use).

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 310-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Chainsaw Stihl 310-MS

Technical features

The main technical characteristics of the chainsaw Stihl 310 ms:

  • Chain type – Stihl Oilomatic Rapid Micro with 3/8 pitch;
  • chainsaw weight 5.9 kg;
  • power 3200 W;
  • Displacement 59 cm³;
  • noise level 115 dB;
  • Vibration level – from 4.3 to 4.7 m / s².
Stihl 461-MS chainsaw overview: technical data, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

Use and maintenance instructions

Rules for safe operation:

  • hold the chainsaw with both hands during operation;
  • wear protective equipment;
  • only cut with the long end of the saw, since sawing with the edge of the bar will jam the saw.

Technical Service:

  • cleaning of dust, oil residues – after each use;
  • Replacement of candles and cleaning of filters – as needed;
  • Carburettor adjustment – annually.

The main disturbances of Calm 310-ms and their elimination

  1. The saw does not want to start. Reason: no petrol, carbon deposits on the spark plug, not enough oil. Remedy: Replace spark plug, add fuel, check lubricant level.
  2. Overheating of the chain saw during operation.

Video review of the model

Overview of chainsaw operation 310 ms

How the Stihl chainsaw cuts 310 ms

Owner feedback

“Quality, but not a cheap instrument. However, Shtil almost all powerful models are expensive, this is the price of quality. I’m surprised to read reviews that someone’s Stihl chainsaw doesn’t work well. Most likely, the reason for this poor quality is that you came across a Chinese fake. Stihl originals work perfectly, tested by personal experience and the experience of friends. Among other things, maintenance is elementary, everything is described in the instructions.

Pros: all parameters, design, construction as a whole – a chainsaw that is very comfortable to hold in hands, it is pleasant to work with such a saw.

Disadvantages: None.

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