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Stihl 461-MS chainsaw overview: technical data, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews


Chainsaw Quiet The 461-ms is a professional, super-powerful chainsaw for felling large trees and forest plantations consisting of medium-diameter trees. Reviews of owners confirm that the saw has a high level of endurance, great working potential and can be used in harsh conditions, for example, in winter, at low temperatures, in sawmills with a high intensity of the work process.

Chainsaw STIHL MS 461

The main purpose of the Stihl 461-ms chainsaw is industrial felling and long-term sawing of wood. Design features of the chainsaw: environmentally friendly 2-mix engine, air filter of the HD2 system. There are practical bayonets on the tank cap for efficient and quick refueling of the tool.

Another advantage of the Stihl 461-ms model are the fall direction indicators on the body of the device. Focusing on one line allows you to steer the chainsaw while you’re clearing the log, and focus on the other – steer the tool along the desired vector while cutting. The engine power of the Stihl 461-ms chainsaw is 4400 watts. Displacement – 76.5 cubic meters. cm.

basic equipment

The standard equipment and equipment of the Stihl 461-ms chainsaw are:

  • Saw and chain saw body part;
  • instruction;
  • universal key;
  • packaging.

Country of assembly: USA. Country of origin: United States. The cost of the chainsaw of the original assembly on the recommendation of the official Stihl dealer is 20029 hryvnia.

Additional accessories for Stihl chainsaws that can be purchased separately from the chainsaw:

  • chain;
  • protective cover for the tire;
  • protective equipment for the wearer;
  • Lubricant.
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Technical characteristics

Technical data chainsaw Stihl 461-ms:

  • Power 6 hp (4400 W);
  • Idle RPM / Maximum: 2500/9800;
  • hoop 45 cm long;
  • chainsaw weight – 6.7 kg;
  • fuel tank volume – 800 ml;
  • chain pitch 3/8;
  • chain type – Stihl Oilomatic Rapid Super;
  • Noise level during operation – 117 dB.

Use and maintenance instructions

All Stihl chainsaws are maintained and operated according to a single scheme:

  • daily after the end of work, the chainsaw is checked for damage, cleaned, wood dust, residues, chips and machine oil are removed from the surface;
  • the oil level and chain lubrication should be constantly monitored – this will contribute to quality sawing and a long service life of the chainsaw.
  • The best clothing for handling chainsaws is protective equipment from the original manufacturer Stihl;
  • annually, regardless of the condition of the tool, adjust the carburetor, clean / replace the fuel filter every three months, monitor the condition of the circuit;
  • Mix oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:50.

Download manual Stihl 461-ms

The main disturbances of Calm 461-ms and their elimination

The most common malfunctions of the Stihl 461-ms saw:

  1. Overheating of the trunk. Reason: hard work. Remedy: Even professional chainsaws need occasional breaks.
  2. The saw is dampened. Cause: Lack of fuel or problems in the ignition system. Remedy: Fill with fuel, check the condition of the spark plug, replace or clean the spark plug if necessary.

Video review of the model

Owner feedback

Dmitri, Rubtsovsk:

“Among the many professional saws, I can only recommend Stihl because I know the quality, I know how they work. I tested many models, but for my work and personal use I bought a 461-ms.

Advantages: Despite the dimensions of the chainsaw, its maintenance is easy and hassle-free. I really like the technical side of the instrument – everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the HD2 filters work, do their job one hundred percent. I clean about every two months.

Disadvantages: high price. If you are looking for a cheap model, then go for something simpler.

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