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STIHL FS 400 brush cutter: technical data, overview, owner feedback

The STIHL FS 400 brush cutter is a powerful device that was developed for use in landscape maintenance and horticulture. In this article we will provide an overview of the functions and characteristics of the STIHL FS 400 and discuss technical specifications, feedback from owners, and advantages and disadvantages of the model.

Overview of the STIHL FS 400 brush cutter

Who is it intended for and where can it be used?

The STIHL FS 400 brush cutter is suitable for farmers, foresters, landscape gardeners and garden owners. It is a versatile device that can be used for various applications such as cutting grass, weeds, brush and reeds. The brush cutter is generally intended for use in the garden, on the farm, in parks, landscape gardens and on large areas.

Where are STIHL FS 400 brush cutters manufactured?

STIHL is a German company founded in 1926. The company’s headquarters are in Waiblingen, Germany. The STIHL FS 400 brush cutter is manufactured in factories in various parts of the world, including the USA, Brazil and China.

What is the history of the brand?

STIHL was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl and began manufacturing chainsaws. Since then, the company has expanded its product range to offer a wide range of equipment for forestry, horticulture and landscaping.

STIHL FS 400 brush cutter: Technical data

The STIHL FS 400 brush cutter is equipped with a powerful 2-mix motor and has an output of 2.2 kW at 9,500 rpm. The engine has a displacement of 40.2 cm³ and a tank capacity of 0.75 l. The weight of the brush cutter is 8.5 kg.

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The technical data of the STIHL FS 400 brush cutter can be summarized as follows:

Technical data Value
Engine power 2.2 kW
Displacement 40.2 cm³
Tank capacity 0.75 l
Weight 8.5kg

Performance and handling of the brush cutter

What are the main errors?

One of the main defects that can occur when using STIHL FS 400 brush cutters is the deterioration in the performance of the engine. This can be caused by poor maintenance, contamination or clogging of the air filter. Another problem is the engine stalling when the machine is idling.

Why doesn’t my brushcutter start?

A common problem reported by STIHL FS 400 brush cutter owners is the engine not starting. This can be due to a variety of things including an empty tank, poor maintenance, or a bad spark plug.

Owner Feedback: What do users say?

Most owners of STIHL FS 400 brush cutters are satisfied with the performance and handling of the device. Above all, they appreciate the powerful engine performance, which makes the brush cutter an excellent tool for heavy work. However, some owners have reported issues with the device’s reliability and reported rapid wear and tear.

Maintenance and care of the brush cutter STIHL FS 400

To ensure that the STIHL FS 400 brush cutter works effectively and has a long service life, it is important that it is regularly serviced and cared for. This includes removing dirt and debris, replacing wear parts such as blades and spark plugs, and regularly topping up fuel and oil.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The advantages of the STIHL FS 400 brush cutter include its powerful engine power, versatility and durability. The disadvantages include the high initial cost, the weight of the device and the occurrence of problems with reliability.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the brush cutter?

The STIHL FS 400 brush cutter is a powerful device that is suitable for heavy work in landscape maintenance and gardening. Despite some reliability issues, it is a recommended device for professionals and gardeners who need a powerful tool.

Video review of the work

Which other brands have similar models?

Other brands that offer similar brushcutters to the STIHL FS 400 include Husqvarna, Echo and Makita. These brands also offer powerful and versatile brushcutters that are suitable for heavy-duty landscaping and gardening work.

Overall, the STIHL FS 400 brush cutter offers excellent performance and versatility, making it a recommended device for professionals and garden owners. Reliability can be improved, but with proper maintenance and care, the life of the device can be extended.

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