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Patio Decoration: Pumpkin Ideas

Terrace decoration ideas

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

Halloween Faces

Autumn is here and it’s time to give your homes the appearance of the season. Some ideas have already emerged on our portal on how you can redesign your home and the surrounding area.

You can use all autumn gifts: straw bundles, corn bundles, vegetables. But the most important and integral part of such a decor is, of course, a pumpkin.

The veranda is always the first thing that catches the eye. Decorate it with pumpkins with carved faces, made for fun on All Saints’ Eve. Such a move will not leave your guests indifferent.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

They are everywhere…

Another charming option is to buy the “red beauties” that you like and arrange them on the steps. Alternating vegetables of different shapes and sizes gives a simple and stylish result.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

To the right of the first plan

Decorate your garden with fresh fruits for unsuspecting guests. So you not only surprise your invited friends, but also underline the autumn mood.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

Simplicity is always beautiful

If you agree with this idea, take several orange fruits of different sizes and arrange them. The parade can be supplemented with any other symbols of the season, for example a bunch of corn.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen


The usual color of this vegetable is orange, sometimes yellow. But there are also white representatives! Perhaps with their help you want to decorate your home in an original way. White pumpkins add elegance to your home and underline the modernity. Didn’t you find them in the store? Recolor the regular ones.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen


You can try to create any interesting figures from these red decorative elements. It will be very beautiful and elegant. Pick flat-bottomed fruits, then the structures will be more stable.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

straw twins

An original find worth imitating. These straw imitations are friendly, they cheer up, give the house comfort and warmth.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

Small fee

Group all fruits in one place for spatial transformation. A small bunch of greens is enough to create a simple, but festive atmosphere.

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen

Gentle hint

You don’t like pumpkins? Well it happens. As they say, flavor and color… But even if you’re too categorical about putting on veggies at each step, try adding just a little. How can you not like it?

Terrassendekoration: Kürbisideen


Here you can see them everywhere. In baskets, wheelbarrows, vases – everything for her, the queen of autumn! There are no strict rules. Be inspired to create a cozy country-style corner.

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