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The most detailed review of the PG Soft’s Fortune Tiger game

Many game developers, when creating Asian-themed products, unfortunately stick to stereotypes, making them overly traditional. Sometimes it gives the impression that they follow an invisible pattern, which directs the creation of oriental slots along a well-trodden path, without an individual approach and a deep immersion into the culture. It is precisely for this reason that the approach of PG Soft in creating the oriental-themed Fortune Tiger game seems particularly refreshing.

They skillfully combine in their games the traditional and the modern. A good example is the Fortune Tiger character, who wears a traditional red shirt, but at the same time wears stylish sunglasses. This charismatic tiger, with its inherent sense of humor, holds a flag with a x10 multiplier in its paws, giving players a hint about the possibility of increasing their winnings tenfold.

Additionally, the developers did not forget to add a special spin mode, through which winning combinations can fill the entire screen, increasing the chances of a big win. This mode can multiply your bet by an incredible 2,500 times the initial amount, making the game even more exciting.

Features of the Fortune Tiger game

The tiger, which acts as the Wild symbol, performs the function of a substitute for other symbols, helping to form winning combinations. Moreover, it can activate a special mechanism that increases winnings across the entire screen. With a combination of any symbols across the entire screen (including those replaced by Wild symbols), your total win is multiplied by ten.

The Fortune Tiger functionality can be activated at any time during the game. At this point, a paid symbol is randomly chosen on the screen. During the additional spins, only this selected symbol, the Wild, or empty positions will appear on the reels. When the selected symbol or the Wild falls, they are fixed in their positions, while the other cells continue to spin. This mechanic works until only empty positions appear or the screen is completely filled with symbols, which will also result in your winnings being multiplied by ten.

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Where to play Fortune Tiger?

On our fortune-tiger top website, which is entirely dedicated to the official Fortune Tiger game, you will find all the necessary information about the platforms where you can officially and safely play. But anticipating, it is worth saying that, at the moment, the 1Win and Estrela Bet platforms are considered the most reliable.

Final Analysis

The developer Pocket Games Soft presented players with Fortune Tiger – an Asian slot that stands out for its simplicity but has features that can yield big prizes. Despite the company’s name focusing on mobile games, the quality of their production is increasing. The design decisions in Fortune Tiger may not be the most prominent in their portfolio, but they stand out from many common Asian slots.

The logo with a serene tiger and the x10 multiplier floating above it serves as a reminder to players of what they can expect when covering the entire screen with a winning combination. Considering the possible 500x multiplier with a full screen of Wild symbols, the desire to activate the Fortune Tiger Respins function becomes the main goal if you are targeting a 2,500x bet prize. A positive note is that the prizes announced in the game correspond to the actual results, proven by a billion test spins. We hope that, in the future, PG Soft will maintain this transparency and honesty.


With a full screen of winning combinations, the multiplier increases 10 times. Fortune Tiger Streak Respins function activated randomly. Potential gain of 2,500 times the bet. Declared RTP of 96.81% (no variations).


The new version of the game does not have a free spins bonus round.

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