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Husqvarna 143R II brush cutter overview: technical data, maintenance, owner reviews

The Husqvarna 143R II brush cutter is a powerful petrol brush cutter designed for professional use. This article explains in detail the technical data, the equipment list, the handling, the advantages and disadvantages as well as the maintenance and care of the brush cutter. You can also get an idea of ​​the quality and performance of the device through owner reviews.

Overview of the petrol brush cutter Husqvarna 143R II

Who is it intended for and where can it be used?

The Husqvarna 143R II is a powerful brush cutter that is suitable for professional use in agriculture, gardening, landscaping and construction. It is robust and handy, with a powerful motor and a great cutting capacity that makes it ideal for removing thick vegetation and weeds.

Where are Husqvarna 143R II brush cutters made?

The Husqvarna 143R II brush cutters are manufactured at the Husqvarna factory in Sweden. The device is produced there by experienced specialists who ensure the highest quality and performance.

Brushcutter Husqvarna 143R II: Technical data

Here are the technical data of the Husqvarna 143R II brush cutter:

Technical data Specifications
Performance 2.1 kW
Displacement 41.5cc
Weight 7.6 kg
Maximum speed 9,000 rpm
Maximum cutting equipment 255mm
Tank capacity 0.75 l

Equipment list: What accessories are included?

The Husqvarna 143R II comes with the following accessories:

  1. Carrying strap
  2. Grass and bush knife
  3. thread head
  4. Tool Set

Blades for brush cutters: Which ones are there?

There are different types of brush cutter blades, including grass, bush, and brush cutters. The following blades are available for the Husqvarna 143R II:

  1. Grass knife: 255 mm
  2. bush knife: 255 mm
  3. Thicket knife: 255 mm
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Thread change on a Husqvarna 143R II brush cutting set

Changing the thread on the Husqvarna 143R II is simple and uncomplicated. Simply follow the instructions in the user manual and change the line regularly to achieve optimal cutting performance.

Performance and handling of the brush cutter

What are the main defects Husqvarna 143R II?

Some of the most common problems with the Husqvarna 143R II are a bad spark, an empty tank, a dirty air filter and a dull or damaged cutting tool. These problems can be easily resolved by following the maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual.

Why won’t my petrol brushcutter start? List of possible causes

There are various reasons why your petrol brush cutter might not start, such as: B. a dead battery, an empty tank, a bad ignition spark or a dirty air filter. Check these components carefully to resolve the issue.

Owner Feedback: What do users say?

Most users of the Husqvarna 143R II are satisfied with the performance and handling of the device. They praise the robustness, the powerful motor and the easy operation. However, some users report problems with blade durability and thread changing.

Maintenance and care of the petrol brushcutter Husqvarna 143R II

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the Husqvarna 143R II, you should regularly maintain and maintain the device. This includes cleaning the engine, cutting tool and air filter, as well as changing the oil and line regularly.

Important maintenance instructions for a long service life

Here are some important maintenance tips to ensure the long life of your Husqvarna 143R II:

  1. Change the oil regularly.
  2. Clean the air filter and cutting tool after each use.
  3. Use only high quality fuel.
  4. Change the thread regularly.
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Advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 143R II model: comparison table

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Husqvarna 143R II in comparison:

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful motor Difficult thread change
Robust construction Expensive
Easy to use Blades could be more durable

Which models of other brush cutter brands are comparable to the Husqvarna 143R II brush cutter?

Some models from other brush cutter brands that are comparable to the Husqvarna 143R II are the Stihl FS 131, the Echo SRM-2620T and the Makita EM4251CA.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the brush cutter?

The Husqvarna 143R II is a powerful brush cutter with a robust construction and a powerful engine. Although thread changing can be difficult and the price is high, the device is ideal for professional use and is a good investment for gardening, landscaping or agricultural professionals.

We hope this article helped you learn more about the Husqvarna 143R II brush cutter. If you have any additional questions or would like to share feedback, please let us know.

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