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Stihl FS 130 brush cutter overview: technical data, maintenance, owner reviews

The Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is a powerful tool for gardening and landscaping work. In this article we will provide an overview of the model’s specifications, features, maintenance and owner reviews. We will also discuss comparable models from other brush cutter brands and their advantages and disadvantages to decide whether the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is worth purchasing.

Overview of the Stihl FS 130 petrol brush cutter

Who is it intended for and where can it be used?

The Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is suitable for professional landscaping work and for maintaining large green areas. It can also be used for private use. Due to its weight and high performance, it is not suitable for use in small gardens.

Where are Stihl FS 130 brush cutters made?

The Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is manufactured in the Stihl workshop in Germany and is subject to strict quality controls.

Stihl FS 130 brush cutter: technical data

Technical data SS 130
Performance 1.4 kW
Displacement 36.3 cm³
Weight 5.6 kg
Cutting tool thread or blades
Tank capacity 0.53 l
Sound power level 111 dB(A)

Equipment list: What accessories are included?

  1. thread head
  2. Three-Tooth Knife
  3. Safety glasses
  4. shoulder strap
  5. Cutting tool
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Spark plug wrench
  8. Instruction manual

Blades for brush cutters: Which ones are there?

There are different types of brush cutter blades, including three-tooth, eight-tooth, and circular saw blades. When using blades, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thread change on a Stihl FS 130 brush cutting set

The thread can be changed quickly by passing it through the opening of the thread spool and then winding it up.

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Performance and handling of the brush cutter

What are the main defects Stihl FS 130?

The most common faults with the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter are thread breakage, difficulty starting the engine and uneven cutting performance.

Why won’t my petrol brushcutter start? List of possible causes

  • Empty fuel tank
  • Clogged air filter
  • Defective spark plug
  • Clogged carburetor
  • Defective ignition switch

Owner Feedback: What do users say?

Most owners of the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter are satisfied with the performance and cutting performance. However, some complain about the weight of the machine and the difficulty in starting the engine.

Maintenance and care of the Stihl FS 130 petrol brush cutter

It is important to maintain the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter regularly to ensure a long service life. This includes cleaning the engine, replacing the air filter, and checking the oil level.

Important maintenance instructions for a long service life

  • Always use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel and lubricant.
  • Clean the cutting tool after each use.
  • Check the air filter every 10 hours of operation.
  • Replace the oil regularly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Stihl FS 130 model: comparison table

Advantages Disadvantages
High performance Relatively heavy
Good cutting performance Difficulty starting the engine
Excellent quality

Which models of other brush cutter brands are comparable to the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter?

Other comparable models include the Husqvarna 525RJD, the Echo SRM-280T and the Makita EM2654UH.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the brush cutter?

The Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is a powerful machine for professional use. Although its weight makes it unsuitable for use in small gardens, it is an excellent choice for large lawns and landscape work. Although brush cutter maintenance requires some time and effort, it is necessary to ensure a long service life for the machine. Overall, the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter is worth purchasing if it is used for its intended purpose.

In this article we have given a comprehensive overview of the Stihl FS 130 brush cutter. We hope this article helps you decide whether this brush cutter is suitable for your purposes or whether a comparable model from another brand would be a better fit.

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