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Decorative campfire – the embodiment of the home fireplace

Bringing the coziness of a home fireplace outdoors, a decorative campfire can transform your garden or backyard into a warm, inviting space. This article will guide you on creating a decorative campfire with your own hands, instilling a sense of homely comfort right in your outdoor setting.

Starting with choosing the ideal location, we’ll take you through the step-by-step process of setting up your campfire. We’ll explore materials that you can use to give your campfire a decorative touch, ensuring it’s not just functional, but also an attractive focal point.

How to make a decorative fire with your own hands?

Dekoratives Feuer – die Verkörperung des Herdes
Whether you wish to enjoy tranquil solitude under the stars or gather around the fire with family and friends, a decorative campfire can set the right mood. Stay tuned as we share our insights, tips, and tricks for creating a beautiful outdoor haven with your own decorative campfire. Let’s bring the warmth and charm of a home fireplace to your garden or backyard.

A decorative fire is indispensable in our cold latitudes. It’s clear that winter, with its sub-zero temperatures and fast-growing snowdrifts, has little to do with being outdoors.

But as soon as the snow melts, we hurry to our personal plots and take a variety of food with us. You don’t have to call friends and acquaintances twice: everyone is happy about the first rays of spring. As a rule, such parties drag on.

But as soon as the sun goes down, your summer house turns into a tundra. What’s the fun in that? In order not to be dependent on the vagaries of the weather, get a fire bowl. In addition, you can make it yourself.

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We present you four original versions, each of which cost its creator no more than $100. The top photo shows a bowl converted from a washing machine drum. Cost: $10 and 1 hour.

The following object deserves your attention. This is a table top container with glass walls and a cast iron base. Cost: $25 and 1 hour.

Dekoratives Feuer – die Verkörperung des Herdes

Do you like more traditional options? Check out this concrete bowl. Cost: $50 and a few hours.

Dekoratives Feuer – die Verkörperung des Herdes

And now the most solid project: a modern style built-in steel bowl. Cost: $100 and about three days (mainly left for welding development).

Dekoratives Feuer – die Verkörperung des Herdes

These photos radiate warmth and security, don’t they? Don’t be jealous, make your own fire bowl and invite your friends to the party!

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