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Landscaping Tricks: Lawn Care Tips

The beauty of our lawn: some useful tips for design and maintenance

Landschaftstricks: Tipps zur Rasenpflege

Our lawn care tips will help you keep your lawn in top condition. Remember that a high-quality lawn serves as an excellent backdrop for rose gardens, alpine slides, Japanese rock gardens and other indispensable elements of modern landscape design.

To grow it, you need to follow a few simple care rules. Current trends in this area, first of all, require a professional approach to the selection and placement of green spaces already at the design stage.

Landschaftstricks: Tipps zur Rasenpflege

Before starting sowing on the allocated areas, the soil is leveled, a two-week break is taken for the purpose of shrinkage, and the area is occasionally watered. Then the geotextiles are laid out in an overlapping manner, and the soil mixture enriched with fertilizers is dumped to allow it to settle again, and only then the sod culture is sown.

Regardless of the type of soil and the material chosen for sowing, it is worth abandoning intensive use and frequent mowing of the grass cover for 6 months. By this time, the young root system is developing and growing stronger. In winter, a layer of snow is necessary to prevent the plants from freezing.

Landschaftstricks: Tipps zur Rasenpflege

If you follow some simple advice and treat the young lawn with due attention and respect, you can rest your second year on a luxurious carpet of grass that covers the backyard and is already ready for heavy wear and tear to a slight drought is.

Landschaftstricks: Tipps zur Rasenpflege

The aesthetic design of the lawn is essentially based on the regular cutting of the grass. Let it grow as much as possible in the first season, after that it needs to be pruned as little as possible. Subsequently, to maintain order, it is necessary to maintain a height of about five centimeters, which is optimal for central Russia.

Landschaftstricks: Tipps zur Rasenpflege
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