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Relaxing spa on your own property

Relaxation pond on your own property – five different examples to calm the mind and soul

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

After a hard day’s work, we only dream of peace. I want to get rid of problems and worries and let the body recover. So that every cell of a tired body gets a piece of well-deserved rest. You can go to a good gym or sauna, or get a Thai massage.

But what if you built a small cozy pond right on your own property? Here are five of the best (in our opinion) relaxation centers to do at home. By creating such a corner, you will give yourself and loved ones a wonderful gift.

1. Combined pool for a large garden.

Imagine how nice it is to swim a few laps and then dive through the tunnel. And melt away with a cup of camomile tea and listen to the sound of the waterfall. An ideal place for a siesta and children’s games.

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

2. Brilliant medieval-style ensemble.

Here you can sit with a glass of wine, look at the fire in the fireplace and dream. Around the luxurious green garden that completely protects from the hustle and bustle of the city. Personal fortress for full-fledged rest.

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

3. And here is another amazing example.

A small technical miracle with heating, especially in the summer attic. It’s so great to see the immortal life of the city from a bird’s eye view! Soak your feet in warm water, pick up your favorite book and understand that now nothing can force you to become a cog in a system that exhausts you every day.

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Today you rest and are in the power of magical music. What’s coming out of the speakers? Blues? Jazz?

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

4. For modern lovers, a modest spa box just on the edge of the main complex is perfect.

And the abundance of tropical plants will help you move to a magnificent seaside resort.

Maybe the Caribbean?

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

5. It is not necessary to build a huge reservoir to be able to improve your health.

Why not build in a large wooden niche? Soft sofas and wicker furniture complement the atmosphere perfectly.

Entspannendes Spa in Ihrem eigenen Garten

Our review ends here. But modern technology brings with it many more modifications. Small containers made of plastic, rubber and other lightweight materials are easy to transport and clean when the cold sets in.

Find the most suitable solution for you and share your experience with our website visitors.

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