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Snow blower Champion ST761E. Overview, specifications, instructions, reviews

Champion ST761E Snow Blower

The Russian winter brings snowy surprises and with them homeowners’ worries about cleaning their backyards. However, there is a solution: the Champion ST761E snow blower is perfect for clearing private yards; the device can be used to clean driveways, park alleys and sidewalks.

Champion ST761E Snow Blower

The powerful motor and serrated auger with two blades handle any type of snow cover, from fresh snow to ice crust.

With all the high-performance features, the Champion ST761E snow blower is available at a very affordable price, it can be purchased at a price of 49 rubles.


This snow plow model is equipped with a powerful (7.5 HP) engine and a spacious bucket with a width of 61 cm.

Briggs&Stratton 750 Snow Series Engine

The Champion ST761E snow blower is equipped with 13-inch tires with aggressive, self-cleaning tread, which give the device high off-road mobility even on wet and icy snow. A powerful (up to 60 W) LED headlight is available for work in the evening.

Advantages of the Champion ST761E snow blower:

  • Compact, well-balanced body;
  • Two-stage snow ejection technology;
  • metal outlet shaft with 180 degree rotation;
  • Comfortable position of the control levers;
  • The reliable engine suitable for operation in the conditions of negative temperatures;
  • Remote control of the discharge chute;


Features ST761E
Engine type 4-stroke
Engine B&S Snow Series
Fuel tank volume, l 3.0
Power, HP 6.0
engine volume, 212
Start system Manual/electric
Snail width, cm 61
screw height, cm 51
Number of gears (forward/reverse) 6 / 2
Slide rotation angle 180
tire size, inches 13
Weight, kg 81
Features of the Patriot Garden Pro 655 E snow blower

Instruction manual

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed description, technical characteristics and details of the Champion ST761E snow blower by clicking on the link: Your browser does not support frames

Download Champion ST656, ST761E, ST762E Snow Blower User Manual

Snow blower Champion ST761E

The engine is run in for 5 hours. After that you need to change the oil. The next replacement takes place after 25 hours, then every 50 hours of operation.

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It is best to use winter oils for four-stroke engines with air-cooled function. The manufacturer recommends these brands: Champion SAE30/SAE5W30/SAE10W40.

Operation and maintenance of the Champion ST761E snow blower:

  • After purchasing the Champion ST761E snow blower, carefully read the operating instructions, familiarize yourself with the device, study the safety rules when operating self-propelled snow blowers;
  • Carry out the assembly of the machine according to the instructions of the manual;
  • Assemble the remote control levers for the angle and distance of the snow throw;
  • Fill the snow blower with fresh AI-92, 95 gasoline.
  • Fill the crankcase with oil to the correct level.

Schneefräse Champion ST761E. Übersicht, Spezifikationen, Anleitungen, Bewertungen

Oil level in the crankcase
  • Check the device for oil and gasoline stains;
  • Set gear knob to neutral:
  • Adjust the desired range and direction of snow throwing;
  • Start the engine;
  • Turn on the rotation of the auger;
  • Turn on the snow blower speed that is optimal for your conditions;
  • It is not recommended to pull or push the device in the direction opposite to the movement of the wheels while working. Such actions may result in serious harm;
  • Be sure to wear safety glasses or a mask and shoes with grooved soles to prevent the operator from slipping.
  • At the end of work, turn off the speed and rotation of the auger, let the engine idle for a while (1-2 minutes);
  • At the end of the season, drain the gas and oil and store the snow blower;

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Champion Snow Blower Overview

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Owner Feedback

Efim Kudryavtsev, 58 years old, Pskov region:

“In the last few years it has snowed so much that you can no longer cope with a shovel. I consulted with my wife, read the owners’ reviews and decided to purchase a snow blower. The Champion ST761E liked the powerful motor and high-quality auger, and the price was not too high. No particular deficiencies were identified during the three seasons of operation. I will only note that the engine loves fresh and high-quality gasoline.

Artem Seleznev, 28, Siberian Federal District:

“You won’t find a better Champion ST761E for the money. I have a large yard and 100 meters from the garage to the street. I can do the cleaning in an hour. No tiredness though. It’s getting dark – turn on the lights and keep working. There were no failures in two years of operation. I changed the shear bolts, but these are essentially consumables. The engine started at minus 27 – it started for the third time, warmed up a little and went to work. Satisfied with the car, I recommend it to everyone.”

Anatoly Grigoriev, 34 years old, Ivanovo region:

“The fourth season with the champion ST761E. Haven’t noticed any serious problems. The engine is a beast, it starts easily, holds revs, has never been regulated. Once he bent the blades of the snail, the hammer did not remove the stone from the summer, so he was captured. Reliable and economical engine. I can clean the whole yard in half an hour. Among the shortcomings – very loud and vibrations present. Advantages: price, reliable engine, high-quality assembly. Disadvantages: Champion is loud, there are a lot of vibrations.

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