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10 helpful tips on how to prepare your garden for autumn

10 Fall Landscape Mistakes You Can Avoid – Useful Tips for Homeowners

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Don’t forget these 10 mistakes

Autumn is a great time of year to sit back and watch nature itself transform the images on the display outside the window. But that doesn’t mean that everything, our work is done and you can’t think about it until next year, not at all. However, don’t forget about lawn care that needs to be performed and kept in proper shape to keep the home looking pristine for seasons to come.

Now we present our Ideas of Homes online magazine readers with the 10 most common mistakes residents make during that cool but fun time of the year – fall.

Don’t forget the exterior of your house

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Especially in autumn, the exterior of the house can take on a new look.

You are deeply mistaken if you think that landscaping refers only to live plants and grassy areas around your home – it is not the case. It has a great influence on the external appearance of the facades of your building. Fall is a great time to explore new colors and transform your property before Mother Nature gets to work.

Landscaping forms can be both soft and hard.

The first concept includes all living things and what can be planted. While the second refers to sidewalks, roads, stones and paving slabs attached for safety, functionality and beauty reasons. Keep your paths clean and washed, especially during the fall and winter months.

Decorative planters for your modern country house

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Green areas under the windows and street washing positively change the appearance of the house

Green Boxes are a great way to add color to your facade, brick or building exterior and make your home stand out from the other neighbors. Such decoration is ideal for houses that do not have a large area, but want to transform the facade of the building with greenery.

Make no mistake, fallen leaves must be removed

If you live in a house surrounded by mature and old trees, a large amount of falling leaves in autumn is unavoidable. And no matter how much you like to touch the spicy foliage with your feet and watch the colors of the wilting season, cleaning the sidewalks and grounds from it is simply necessary. This is how you protect yourself from unforeseen dangers. Excessively fallen leaves can obscure sidewalks or sidewalks in poor condition while also becoming wet and slippery for pedestrians.

The fall season does not mean the end of pool maintenance

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Autumn does not mean that your pool should be forgotten.

Many homeowners believe that the end of summer symbolizes the end of landscaping and pool maintenance until next spring! You are delusional. Think for yourself, even in the autumn months everything must be kept in order. Remove fallen debris, leaves, and other debris weekly.

Don’t neglect your garden tools

Every autumn, garden tools are stowed away in the garden shed or in the garage and forgotten until spring. Before you let them “hibernate” during the cooler months, make sure they are all working, free of dirt and debris, and stored properly. Don’t let soil, moisture or other influences ruin your stock for seasons to come.

Do not think that your lawn does not need fertilizer and care in the fall.

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Make sure that your lawn stays well-groomed in the autumn months

Even if your lawn doesn’t grow as much in autumn as it does in summer, it still needs to be cared for, for example by cutting and fertilizing. Stop by your local garden supply store and ask how you can maintain a beautiful lawn in your climate. This helps prevent various types of damage during the colder winter months.

Don’t forget your neighbors in the fall

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Keep your path and passage clear of fallen leaves

As fall is a time when families are more involved with school, work and extracurricular activities, don’t forget to take care of home safety with your neighbors as well. Remember to keep an eye on your shared walkways, clearing them of fallen leaves and clipping branches to keep them from snagging on power lines and causing damage during heavy rain or a winter storm.

Don’t forget to plant beautiful flower beds for next year

10 Tipps, um Ihren Garten auf den Herbst vorzubereiten

Use plants with variegated foliage

Autumn is the best time to start thinking about colorful flowers for next year. The ground is still soft and fertilized with spicy foliage before winter frosts. You will appreciate the magnificent garden in the spring and always plant flowers in the fall in the future. All that is required is to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and plant the bulbs deep enough in the ground so they don’t freeze.

Don’t forget to use colorful ground covers to add visual interest to the picture.

If you’re thinking that the outside of your home is lacking in color in the fall, you’re dead wrong. The colorful trees provide a beautiful backdrop to evergreen conifers. Cranberry cotoneaster and many other types of shrubs can perfectly show off all the colors of autumn and noticeably ennoble and embellish the appearance of your unusual home.

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