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CARVER RSG 246 chainsaw overview: technical data, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

Chainsaw overview: technical data, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews

The CARVER RSG 246 chainsaw belongs to household gardening tools and is intended for felling trees, preparing firewood and shaping a crown. Efficiency is achieved thanks to the built-in engine with a power of 2.4 hp. Despite the low power, the weight of the tool is 6.9 kg. This is quite difficult, but at first, until the operator gets used to it.

Kettensäge CARVER RSG 246. Beschreibung, Eigenschaften und Betriebsregeln

Chainsaw CARVER RSG 246

The Carver RSG 246 chainsaw is equipped with an easy-start system, which allows you to quickly start the engine even in cold weather. The tire length is 18 inches, but this does not affect the quality of work. With 72 links, the chainsaw effectively masters all tasks. The CARVER brand is Russian, but the products are made in China. This allows you to reduce the price with sufficient quality. The market price varies from 6000 to 7000 rubles.

Technical characteristics of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

tire length, cm45 Power (hp)2.4
displacement, cc46 Tire Length, inches18
Power, kWt)1700 class semiprofessional
Groove width, mm1.5 chain pitch, inch0.325
Number of links72 Noise level, dB(A)110
weight, kg6.9 One-hand operationNo

Delivered with:

  1. Chainsaw.
  2. Tires REZER 455 L 8 F.
  3. Chain REZER BP-8-1.5-72.
  4. Special cover for the tire.
  5. A bowl for preparing the fuel mixture.
  6. File
  7. screwdriver.
  8. hexagon.
  9. Gear stop with fasteners.
  10. Replacement seals (2 pcs.).
  11. worm wheel.
  12. User Manual.
  13. packaging.

Advantages of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

The Carver 246 chainsaw meets all the requirements placed on standard household gardening tools.

Focusing on the reviews of experts and owners of saws, the following advantages can be noted:

  1. Continuous work.
  2. Thanks to the QuickStart system, the engine starts perfectly regardless of the season, which also allows you to compensate for the kickback that occurs at the start.
  3. Engine power does not decrease over time.
  4. Savings in fuel and lubricant consumption.
  5. Spare parts and various details for free sale.
Chainsaw - how to choose cheap and reliable?


  1. It is difficult to control the amount of fuel and lubricant.
  2. It is difficult to work for a long time because the saw has a significant weight.
  3. The chain tension scheme needs some work.

Features of the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw

All the feedback and requests from consumers were taken into account in the design features of the Carver 246 chainsaw. Separately, we can note the excellent balance, anti-vibration design and low noise level. All this allows the operator to work comfortably for a long time.

Kettensäge CARVER RSG 246. Beschreibung, Eigenschaften und Betriebsregeln

Chainsaw CARVER RSG 246: Equipment

The Carver 246 chainsaw has a simple starting system and the chain is automatically lubricated during operation. Despite the weight of 6.9 kg, the saw looks compact and the handles are ergonomically positioned to make the operator’s work easier. Access to the filter, as well as the fuel system, is as convenient as possible. There are no difficulties with the self-tensioning of the chain and setting up the mechanism that sets it in motion.

Modern technical characteristics are perfectly combined with the classic design of the saw, which is aimed at user-friendliness.

With a chainsaw

Be sure to read the safety manual for the Carver RSG-246 chainsaw before use. Wearing special protective clothing and anti-vibration gloves is required to work safely with the tool.

It is necessary to start the saw at a distance of at least 3 m from the place of refueling.

Check chain tension before use. If everything is in order, the chain will be pulled in freely by no more than 4-6 mm. After installing a new chain, it is advisable to check the tension before fully breaking it in. The manual describes in detail how to start a cold and a warm engine.


It is recommended to use only special oil for petrol two-stroke engines for lubrication. Filled with 2 octane gasoline. It is recommended not to use inferior gasoline as this may result in premature saw failure. The proportions in which the fuel mixture must be mixed are indicated on the oil packaging.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Carver 246 saw:

  1. On a gasoline, because due to insufficient lubrication, the engine quickly fails.
  2. Refuel with diesel fuel, as rubber and plastic parts can be damaged.
  3. Fill in oil that is not suitable for 2-stroke engines, as the outlet port may be clogged and the piston rings may seize.
  4. Pour mixtures that have expired, i.e. prepared a month ago. The most suitable chainsaw oil is SAE 10W-30, which is suitable for all seasons. In summer you can use SAE 30-40 and in winter SAE 20.

You can find more information about the user manual at Link.

major fault

Despite the fact that modern technology is characterized by the complexity of the design, repairs can be made

independently possible. If you follow the rules of operation, most breakdowns can be prevented. The most common breakdowns are:

  1. The engine does not start. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to check the candle or replace it with a new one, check the quality of the fuel liquid or replace it with a new one.
  2. Poor performance can be due to poor fuel mixture, clogged filters, or poor carburetor adjustment.
  3. The saw unit is not lubricated. The lubrication channels and holes on the saw and bar should be checked.

Video Rating

Below are video reviews of the Carver RSG-246 saw.

Owner feedback

Numerous positive reviews from owners testify to the quality of the Carver 246 chainsaw.

Alexey, 39 years old, Kharkiv

I have been using the Carver 246 saw for 2 years and have no complaints. The only drawback can be considered weight, since it is impossible to work for a long time, hands get tired. There were no glitches.

Advantages: powerful, functional;

Disadvantages: weight.

Evgeniy, 46 years, Moscow

The woman gave the saw and voted without me. I don’t know what was directed but I like the saw. Easy to start, enough power to cut large logs.

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