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Choosing a small tractor: What to pay attention to when buying

If you run a farm, then the idea of ​​expanding the cultivated area must have crossed your mind at least once. To make this possible, you need agricultural equipment to make the process easier. We recommend paying attention to small tractors, they are designed only for use in agricultural and municipal tasks for private use. Depending on the model, they differ features technology. But there is such a wide range of small tractors on the market in a completely different price range, so how can you choose between all this variety? We have prepared a few tips to help you.

Determine the size

Here it is worth considering the number of expected tasks that you will perform with a small tractor, as well as the agricultural area. If there is not a lot of land, there is no point in overpaying for a heavyweight, since such devices are ineffective in small areas. A full-fledged small tractor will perfectly cope with plowing the land, loading and unloading various bulk and construction materials, haying, uprooting stumps and so on. Thanks to a large selection of additional attachments, the functionality can be expanded even further. As for the specific weight, according to existing standards, the optimal weight of a small tractor should be in the range of 45-55 kg per 1 horsepower. Engine performance.

Good small tractor equipment:

  • PTO shaft;
  • power steering;
  • cassette mechanism;
  • hydraulic valves.

If the small tractor does not have these options, controlling the equipment will not be as convenient. This is the case when it is better to overpay for something. We would also like to note that in the northern regions of the country, a small tractor with a heated cabin will be useful. The rest of the equipment (assembled) can be purchased gradually, not immediately.

Overview of Catmann small tractors. Lineup, appointment. Fastening and service

What about power

Small tractors with power from 12 hp Designed for small tasks such as mowing grass. If you need to cultivate a plot of 5 hectares or more, it is better to opt for models with a power of 24 horsepower or more. If the area of ​​​​your land exceeds 10 hectares, you will need an even more powerful small tractor (from 40 hp). That’s why we started with the fact that you need to focus on the area and tasks that you set for technology. This is the only way you can buy a small tractor that meets all your expectations.

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