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Small tractors MTZ-082. Description of the model, basic equipment, application features

Description of the small tractor MTZ-082

The MTZ-082 or Belarus 082 small tractor is the flagship of the Minsk Tractor Plant. It was the first to be produced, after which the plant began producing small tractors. M TZ-082 came into the world in 1978. Then the population needed a light machine that would perform agricultural work on a domestic, and not an industrial scale.

So, before the release of 082, small tractors such as mtz-05, mtz-06, mtz-12 and mtz-08bs were produced.

Kleintraktoren MTZ-082. Beschreibung des Modells, Grundausstattung, Anwendungsmerkmale

Small tractor MTZ-082

The MTZ-082 small tractor belongs to traction class 0.4. Four-wheel drive with the ability to turn off the rear axle, sufficiently large wheels and power not typical for modest dimensions – all this made Belarus 082 a very popular car. The release of this model is established and will continue.

The small tractor is equipped with an SK-12 or Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft gasoline engine (depending on the year of manufacture and production batch).

The engine power is 12 hp. Volume – 0.49 l. The engine has automatic speed control.

Appointment of the MTZ-082 small tractor:

  • Farming and harvesting work with implements on light soils;
  • Work in greenhouses, greenhouses;
  • irrigation;
  • dispersion of fertilizers;
  • cultivation;
  • mowing grass, making hay;
  • tillage between rows;
  • Dig and plant potatoes.
Kleintraktoren MTZ-082. Beschreibung des Modells, Grundausstattung, Anwendungsmerkmale

Small tractor MTZ-082

Basic equipment of the small tractor MTZ-082

In the basic configuration, the MTZ-082 small tractor is not equipped with attachments. The device is delivered assembled. The standard package includes the following components:

  • four wheels;
  • wheel protectors (4 pieces);
  • High beam and dimensions;
  • driver’s seat;
  • Tractor Documentation (User Manual);
  • Warranty documents;
  • a tool kit for minor repairs or assembly.

Technical characteristics of the MTZ-082

The dimensions of the MTZ-082 small tractor are 2500 x 900 x 1800 mm. The turning radius is 2.5 m. The ground clearance is 27 cm. The track width is adjustable from 60 to 80 cm. An eight-speed gearbox enables the small tractor to reach speeds of 2 to 14.8 km/h. The weight of the machine is 450 kg. The fuel consumption of the device is 261 g / hp / hour. The machine is equipped with a PTO shaft.

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Kleintraktoren MTZ-082. Beschreibung des Modells, Grundausstattung, Anwendungsmerkmale

There is a contactless ignition function, there is a decompressor; The air purifier is equipped with replaceable paper filters. Such a cleaning system allows the engine to work longer and with the specified performance, even in dusty air conditions. The hydraulic hitch is compatible with attachments from past generation tractors, all attachments manufactured by MTZ are suitable for this small tractor (subject to compliance with the tractive effort class).

Application features and maintenance

The design and functional features of the MTZ-082 small tractor are as follows:

  • adjustable running rail;
  • Universal hinge bracket;
  • Agro-Clearance is convenient for working with low-growing plants and crops;
  • Availability of spare parts for this model;
  • cold start function;
  • a wide range of gearboxes for processing various soils;
  • convenient turning radius (you can turn around in a small area);
  • increased cross-country ability on difficult terrain;
  • powerful engine;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • Differentiated lock;
  • compact dimensions when assembled;
  • on-board hydraulic system, easy control of PTO and attachments;
  • direct flow carburettor;
  • automatic adjustment of crankshaft speed;
  • high maintainability;
  • clear and detailed operating instructions for the small tractor.

Before operating the tractor, it is necessary to check the performance of the braking and steering systems and, if necessary, top up fuel, coolant and oil.

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The engine oil must be changed every 250 hours of operation. It is recommended to use M-10G2k or M-10DM brands. You can take Litol as a lubricant. Gear oil (Tap-15v brand) must be replaced after 500 hours of operation.

At the end of field work, the device should be mothballed. It must be cleaned, lubricated with oil to prevent corrosion from forming, drained of fuel, covered and stored in a dry place.

Video review of the MTZ-082 small tractor

The video shows the o82 small tractor from MTZ with a single-furrow plow and a harrow

Owner Feedback

Vitaly, Uzhgorod:

“I remember the quality of MTZ tractors in the 90s, back then they were machines for centuries. M TZ082, bought in the 90s, has had its day and then some. After 082 I went to 50th and then LTZ40. I want to buy something similar, I will not take exactly the same model – there is a desire to take more expensive and more powerful devices. I say this about myself, as the owner of the MTZ with 20 years of experience

The advantages of this car are obvious: firstly, it is economical, it consumes fuel and lubricants as stated – very moderately. Secondly, the new models have a differential lock, there are now a lot of add-on parts, like in the 90s, only now the range is much larger.

Disadvantages: The price is high for the average farmer.”

Small tractors Belarus MTZ 152N. Equipment, applications, reviews
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