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Unusual pavilions in an Estonian forest

Tucked away in the verdant landscapes of an Estonian forest, you’ll find a collection of unusual pavilions that inspire awe and curiosity. This article will guide you through these remarkable structures, each one offering unique insights into pavilion design and its harmonious interplay with nature.

In our exploration, we’ll tap into a range of backyard pavilions, showing how these structures, while serving as functional spaces, can also become focal points of aesthetic interest. Our ideas for pavilions range from traditional and rustic designs to modern and avant-garde ones, each showcasing the adaptability of pavilion architecture.

Unusual pavilions in the forest: Estonian residents in harmony with nature

Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald

Unusual pavilions in Estonian forest

In the spirit of paviliongift – the gift of experiencing innovative designs and the playfulness they bring to our landscapes – we present these Estonian forest pavilions. Each structure, while deeply rooted in architectural science, also carries a charm that adds to the beauty of the surrounding woods.

As we delve into the world of pavilions architecture, we’ll not only explore the structures themselves but also their relationship with the environment. How do they blend into the forested backdrop? How do they pay homage to, or contrast with, their natural surroundings?

Join us as we wander through the Estonian woods, unveiling the story of each pavilion, their design philosophy, and the tranquility they bring to this stunning forest landscape.

Students from Estonia built unusual pavilions in the forest. They help to feel a connection to nature by amplifying the sounds of the surrounding space. Sound is an incredibly important part of our lives, it has been studied by ancient cultures (think for example the Vedic concept of ‘om’ which is based on the concept of sound vibrations connecting everything on earth).

Garden path design: unusual options

We intuitively feel how sound affects us and our well-being, and those who live in the city feel calm and peaceful, in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To help people attune to nature, architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, together with the local city government, designed three large pavilions where you can relax and be alone with nature.

Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald

In wooden pavilions you can enjoy the sounds of nature

They are also a “forest library” where you can read a book, as well as a theater – students even organize small concerts and performances there. Such wide cones are convenient for tourists, here you can relax or even sleep. This is what his participant, author and semiotician Valdur Mikita says about the project:

“The hallmark of Estonia is both the abundance of noise in our forests and the silence here. Our pavilions help you to hear and read the thoughts of the forest, like in a book.”

According to the creators, this is an interesting way to observe nature. We are a culture focused on visual perception. We are increasingly sitting in front of computer screens and telephones. And sound is a very subtle thing, and finding a way to please your ears with the sounds of nature is a great idea.

Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald

Speech by a student in the pavilion

Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald

Great way to observe nature

The closer we live to big cities and feel their strong vibrations, the stronger the low-frequency vibrations of nature are perceived. That is why such a gazebo loses its meaning if it is located, for example, near the capital of the city. The shape of the pavilions contributes to a certain surround sound effect.

This project is a great example of how we can protect the environment. We must protect the silence of nature from external noise pollution. After all, silence has an extremely beneficial effect on a person.

Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald
Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald
Ungewöhnliche Pavillons im estnischen Wald


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