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Stihl 660-MS chainsaw overview: specifications, maintenance, problems, experience and owner reviews


Stihl 660-ms chainsaw is a professional chainsaw for complex, heavy-duty work in hardwood, equipped with a 50 cm saw bar that effortlessly cuts even such dense wood species as larch, acacia, hornbeam, birch, yew and others. Designed for jobs of varying duration and complexity, it can be used in the home and as a professional work tool.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 660-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Chainsaw Stihl 660-MS

Special features of the Stihl 660-ms chainsaw:

  • The power of a two-stroke petrol engine is 7.1 hp, which is 5220 W.
  • moderate fuel and oil consumption;
  • ease of use under difficult conditions;
  • the possibility of long-term operation even at low air temperatures;
  • the saw is as safe to operate as possible, subject to the usage technique described by the manufacturer in the instructions;
  • The saw can cut logs with a maximum diameter of 50 cm or more.

Deadline chainsaw Stihl 660-ms:

  • sawing of hardwood (sawmills, forestry, forestry);
  • Processing of fruit trees with large branches;
  • Clear areas overgrown with wild trees;
  • construction of wooden structures (huts, barns, saunas, baths);
  • If desired, the chainsaw can be used in home-made sawmills – this is evidenced by the reviews of owners who have similar experience in operating a chainsaw

Basic equipment, equipment, assembly and production country

The basic package of the saw stihl 660-ms includes:

  • Saw part (represented by a chain, an asterisk and a hoop);
  • chainsaw body with engine and fuel tank;
  • instructions for the owner;
  • Guarantee document, usually found in the manual of the technical device;
  • Chain tensioning screw.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 660-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

A detailed list of the components and parts of the stihl 660-ms chainsaw can be found in the operating instructions. The country of assembly and production of the original Stihl 660-ms chainsaw is the USA, since the company’s production facilities are located in this country. Germany is considered the birthplace of the brand.

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In the domestic market of gardening equipment, in documentation, the country of origin of which is China, one can often find analogues or fakes of the Stihl 660-ms chainsaw model. Note that the Chinese analogue of the original Stihl 660-ms chainsaw is not original. However, given the feedback from the owners of such “copies”, it can be noted that the Chinese copy is quite suitable for home use.

The original costs about 29.5 thousand hryvnia (probably more, since there is no unit price for the model). The Chinese counterpart costs about three times less.

The fake Calm 660-ms chainsaw is not equipped with additional accessories like the original. Some online stores may offer customers original accessories for original Stihl equipment as a bonus. How much the genuine chainsaw will cost depends on whether the product in front of you is branded or a fake.

Stihl 660-ms specifications

Specifications of the Stihl 660-ms chainsaw:

  • engine displacement – 91.6 cm³;
  • chain thickness – 1.6 mm;
  • chain pitch in inches 3/8;
  • 72 links;
  • tire 50 cm;
  • the weight of the device is 7.3 kg.

Überblick über die Motorsäge Stihl 660-MS. Spezifikationen, Beschreibung, Betriebs- und Wartungsanweisungen

Use and maintenance instructions

Safety rules for handling a Stihl 660-ms chainsaw and saw operating standards:

  • study the symbols of the instructions, the rules for mixing oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture;
  • work with protective equipment;
  • if overheating Stihl 660 ms, pause until engine cools down;
  • only a fully functional chainsaw that is fueled and ready to work may be started;
  • Chainsaw maintenance is carried out according to the standard scheme: a visual inspection is carried out periodically, the air filter is cleaned, the chain and tire are lubricated, once a month the ignition system, candles and fuel filter are checked, if necessary. Sharpening or changing the chain, refueling with fresh mixture.

Download manual Stihl 660-ms

The main malfunctions of the Stihl 660-ms and their elimination

  1. The saw does not start. Reason: no more fuel, there are carbon deposits on the candle. To eliminate this, check the fuel level and the condition of the candle.
  2. The cutting quality has deteriorated. Reason: The chain is blunt. To eliminate – sharpen the chain or replace it with a new one.

Owner Feedback

Oleg, Chernivtsi:

“Saw of excellent quality and high performance.

Advantages: power, generally cuts any wood, endurance, longevity.

Disadvantages: very expensive, if you are not a professional and have nothing to do with wood on a large scale, you can safely take it cheaper.

I’ve been using Shtil 660-ms for 4 years now. It uses exactly the same amounts of fuel and oil as less powerful units (not too much, albeit literally), but of course consumption depends on the load.

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