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The 10 most important things when preparing the construction site for autumn

Always stay in shape: 10 essential fall activities on the job site that will help him get through the winter

Owners of private homes know firsthand that maintaining a mansion and taking care of the surrounding area is a year-round task, and each season requires specific actions. In addition, if for various reasons you do not complete the main ones on time, then you can get into big trouble in the future.

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

Preparing the house and garden for the coming winter is an important task for homeowners

In this Home Ideas online magazine topic, you are invited to take a look at some of the basic things you need to do in fall to prepare your outdoor spaces, gardens, lawns and yard for the coming winter to prepare (after all, you have to take care of everything during this winter). The period includes not only collecting fallen leaves, but with the onset of spring it is easy to put everything in order.

Assess the condition of the external structures of the building and the fences

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

Minor wall repairs are among the most important things in autumn

House walls are often renovated in the spring. But why not do some of the repair work in the fall, when the weather is dry and warm? First, the timely elimination of the resulting defects will protect structures from serious damage caused by excessive moisture, frost, etc., thereby preventing spring global spending.

Secondly, by refreshing the trim (cleaning the trim from dust and dirt, painting wooden or metal elements, etc.), you will get a luxurious exterior that will delight you with fresh shades all winter.

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Caring for small architectural forms is as important as lawn care

Many people know that landscaping includes not only spectacular landscaping of the territory (laying out lawns and flower beds, laying alpine slides and hedges), but also improving them by designing driveways, paths, courtyards and making them beautiful. The latter, by the way, belong to small architectural forms.

For safe operation, safe function and safe condition, they must always be kept clean. At the same time, in the fall it is necessary not only to remove fallen leaves in a timely manner, but also to regularly wash off the dirt, which can lead to minor troubles with the onset of winter.

Freshen up facades with hardy potted plants

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

Potted plants – an inexpensive and easy option for landscaping

Well, the trees have shed their last leaves, the lawn has been mowed, the thermophilic trees are covered and your garden has lost its former attractiveness. Light-colored or sun-bleached facades that suddenly become expressionless and dull do not enhance the view. However, there is a simple and effective solution to add bright colors to the autumn-winter landscape.

Bring the outdoors to life with evergreen and hardy potted plants that can be planted under windows, near front doors or along a fence.

Such landscape tricks for ennobling the territory will be useful even if the courtyard is completely devoid of lawns and trees.

Remember that the beauty of fallen leaves can be dangerous.

A colorful carpet of fallen leaves of various shapes pleases the eye for several weeks. And the more trees grow near the house, the richer and more magnificent it will be. Sometimes the owners try to preserve the fading beauty of autumn as long as possible, involuntarily creating conditions for small “emergencies”.

For example, the path leading to the house showed damage in the form of potholes that were no longer noticeable when the leaves were falling. Any visitor, and even a family member, can injure themselves if they trip over bumps. Wet or frosted foliage is no less dangerous as it becomes very slippery. Therefore, a rake and a broom should be the most important tools at this time.

Don’t forget to take care of the pool

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

In autumn and winter, your pool needs no less careful care.

With the onset of autumn, many pool owners take measures to conserve them until spring. Someone drains the water and carefully cleans the stone surfaces, others simply cover it with a strong protective film. There are those who leave the water surface open to preserve the attractiveness of the garden.

In any case, the reservoir requires regular maintenance, which should consist of the timely removal of leaves, dry branches, possibly large insects or animals. And if you did not drain the water, then, of course, constant disinfection with special chemicals is required.

Remove all garden tools from the site

All ideas for the garden are implemented with the help of various tools. Shovels, rippers and rakes help create beautiful flower arrangements, keep the lawn clean and do other small earthworks.

Of course, proper owners regularly clean the entire inventory and monitor its condition. But with the onset of autumn, regularly used equipment often stays on site until the first snow falls. So, before winter sets in, make sure all tools are gathered, cleared of soil and moisture, and safely tucked away in a convenient location.

These simple measures not only help to keep house and yard in order, but also increase the efficiency of necessary and useful objects.

Remember that lawns do not only need to be looked after in the summer.

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

The success of luxury lawns lies in the right care

If you want your lawn to greet you with a pleasantly soft green at the beginning of spring, don’t forget to take care of it in the autumn. In this case, the measures should be aimed not only at removing fallen leaves, cutting them and covering them with protective material, but also feeding the grass with various fertilizers. It may also be necessary to seed some areas with fresh seeds.

If you do not have experience and knowledge on this subject, do not turn to experts who will tell you what to do and how to do it.

Remember to take care of the safety of your neighbors

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

Ensuring the safety of your family and neighbors is one of the responsible tasks of autumn

With the onset of autumn, life outside the city freezes. Children are busy with their studies, parents give all their strength to work, and there is less and less time and desire to take care of the house and the adjacent territory. Therefore, make sure in advance that not only the safety and normal life of your family, but also your neighbors are guaranteed.

In particular, examine the trees around you carefully and cut off weak or overgrown branches that may snap under the snow load or a strong gust of wind and damage power lines, shatter windows or destroy building structures.

If you want to see beautiful flower beds in spring, don’t forget to plant flowers in autumn

Die 10 wichtigsten Dinge, die Sie bei der Vorbereitung Ihres Grundstücks für den Herbst tun sollten

The picturesque beauty of the place emerges in autumn

Autumn is the best time to create luxurious flower beds in advance. There are different types of plants, including many types of bulbs, that are best planted in the fall. More detailed information about them and the process of planting (depth, types of fertilizers, antifreeze methods, etc.) can be obtained from landscape design courses or from the owners of the nursery where you buy seeds.

Find the best option to add color to your garden

Evergreen trees such as spruce, pine and arborvitae are of course the decoration of any place. But why not add even more color to your favorite well-tended garden? Finally, there are several ways to create a spectacular background for perennial and luminous plants that please the eye all year round.

For example, you can use colored pebbles to frame the ground around the trunks or form a living carpet of cranberry cotoneasters. And at any time of the year, your house and garden will look great.

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