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Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe KM motor equipment carrier. Model description, application features and video reviews


The Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe walk-behind tractor is part of the premium class professional equipment for processing plots of up to 40 hectares. The model was improved and developed in 2017 specifically for delivery to European countries, it is a modernized analogue of the 105 series.

Motorgeräteträger Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe KM. Modellbeschreibung, Anwendungsfunktionen und Videobewertungen

The machine is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine WM 170F-2 with an output of 7 hp. (similar to the HONDA GX200 engine), which allows soil cultivation with a working width of 105 cm to a depth of 30 cm.

Technical characteristics of the WM-1000 model from Veim

Motor cultivator Model WM1000N-6
Processing width (mm) 1000
Machining depth (mm) 150
Transfer 4 forward, 2 reverse (high speed, -1 (91 rpm), 1 (91 rpm), 2 (136 rpm), low speed, -1 (30 rpm), 1 (30 rpm), 2 (45 rpm),
Clutch Multidisk, in an oil bath.
Engine Engine Model WM170F-2 (petrol engine, air-cooled. Tank capacity 4.8 l)
Maximum power (HP kW/rpm) 7 (5.1) / 3600
Dimensions (mm) 940 * 580 * 750
Net weight / Gross weight, kg 100 / 115
Components Wheels 4.0-8, knives 2+1, 4 knives per section

Model name Weima WM-1000

Motorgeräteträger Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe KM. Modellbeschreibung, Anwendungsfunktionen und Videobewertungen

  • The main difference of the model is the ability to switch low and high gears, which allows 4 forward / 2 reverse gears and the choice of the optimal operating speed depending on the type of attachment.
  • A distinctive feature of the Weim walk-behind tractor is an enlarged fuel tank, high engine efficiency and the ability to work at high speeds for a long time.
  • The Weima single-axle tractor is easy to start.
  • The ability to disable the PTO pulley makes starting easier when an attachment is connected.
  • Thanks to the extension of the steering wheel and the movement of the bracket towards the engine, controlling the machine is made easier. If necessary, the steering wheel can be rotated 180°.
  • Axle unlockers (KM handles) allow you to achieve the necessary maneuverability, turning over easily and accurately.
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By clicking on the link you can see other models of Weima walk-behind tractors: Weima WM1000N6 Deluxe, Weima WM-1050, Veima WM-500, Veima WM-900M.

Application Features

Weim’s Delux series walk-behind tractors are assembled, adjusted, tested and delivered to the customer completely ready for operation. The manufacturer offers a reliable long-term guarantee of 36 months on this cable.

  • The clutch of the new type is distinguished by one feature – it is constantly pushed out. To start, you must first turn on the speed and then simply press the clutch lever.
  • Thanks to the modernization of the basic design, all units, mechanisms and moving parts of the Weima walk-behind tractor are protected from dirt, stones and foreign objects.
  • Thanks to the ability to adjust the width of the transport track, it is possible to adapt the operation of the Veima walk-behind tractor to different tasks.
  • By improving the assembly accuracy of the gear transmission, the service life of the transmission could be increased by up to 20% and the smoothness of the gear shift could be improved.

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The Weima single-axle tractor is equipped with pneumatic tires for optimal off-road mobility on different soils and 2 + 1 rotary tillers for soil cultivation.

Motorgeräteträger Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe KM. Modellbeschreibung, Anwendungsfunktionen und Videobewertungen

Motor equipment carrier WEIMA WM1000N-6 DeLuxe KM

The ability to connect various attachments, including active ones, significantly expands the functionality of the walk-behind tractor. Attachments with which the Weima single-axle tractor is aggregated: sickle mower, potato planter, sieve potato harvester, motor pump, snow shovel, rotary harrow, wood splitter, branch chopper, adapter, hiller, rake. With a trailer, the walk-behind tractor successfully transports loads of up to 350 kg.

It consumes Veym’s walk-behind tractor SAE 10W-30 engine oil, AI-92 unleaded gasoline. The manufacturer’s operating instructions contain detailed information on the operation and maintenance of the machine.

Weima WM 170F-2 engine manual

Video overview of the operation of the Weima WM-1000 walk-behind tractor

Motor equipment carrier Weima WM1000N6 DeLuxe

Owner Feedback


“Weima’s improved WM1000N-6 DeLuxe walk-behind tractor cannot be compared with other Chinese machines. We can say that this is a model of the highest category. Ergonomics at eye level, comfortable KM steering wheel, all levers are displayed on the control panel, optimal balancing and maneuverability, the clutch is new. As they say, this is when the price and quality match and the price is exorbitant.

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