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How to grow a chanterelle: growing techniques

Chanterelles are spring mushrooms that appear after the snow melts. In the forest they are collected at the edges of the forest, clearings, fire sites. Growing chanterelles at home ensures a stable harvest of these mushrooms. For this, mycelium is bought or the fruiting bodies are collected in the forest. Then a microclimate is created that is as close as possible to natural.

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Porcini mushrooms are edible mushrooms that grow in temperate climates. They occur in spring, from April to late May. In Russia, they are collected until mid-June, sometimes there is a second harvest even in the fall.

Characteristics of porcini mushrooms are the unusual structure of the cap, which is covered with a layer of elongated cells. Its shape is ovoid or cone-shaped. The partitions have a pronounced brown color, gradually darkening. The height of the hat is up to 7 cm, in diameter it reaches 8 cm. The stem is cylindrical, hollow and no longer than 9 cm.

In nature, porcini mushrooms prefer fertile soil and sunny locations. They often grow in deciduous forests where birch, willow, alder, oak and ash predominate. Sometimes these mushrooms can also be found in gardens, flower beds, parks and lawns.

What does the birch mushroom look like on summer cottages and more interesting information about this variety can be seen in the video:

Birch mushrooms are suitable for growing in home conditions. In order to get a mushroom harvest, it is important to create a number of conditions:

  • Presence of a substrate rich in lime and organic matter;
  • high humidity;
  • penumbra;
  • prepared mycelium.
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Birch mushrooms are valued for their quick ripening and good taste. In many countries, this species is valued as a real delicacy. The mushrooms require minimal heat treatment. They are stored dried or frozen. In domestic conditions, an ecologically clean, ready-to-use product is obtained.

Technologies for growing morels

There are several technologies for cultivating morels. These methods enable regular and high-yield cultivation on an industrial scale. Each method has its own subtleties and advantages.

American Technology

In America, the morel is a symbol for local mushroom cultivation. Her image adorns the emblems of many organizations engaged in mushroom cultivation. For mushroom growers, the morel is considered one of the most valuable mushrooms. The main crop is gathered in Oregon, where special beds are laid out.

It has been observed that morels often appear in places where forest fires have taken place. According to American technology, growing at home requires a place for a campfire or wood ash. The mushroom threads are planted in the prepared substrate. This is made by mixing peat, gypsum and ash.

500 grams of chopped hats are needed for 1 square meter of beds. The use of ready-made mycelium is allowed. The mushroom mass is placed on the beds, the substrate is applied on top and watered abundantly with warm water. Moisture is regularly added throughout the season to prevent the soil from drying out.

Important! The fruiting period of the mushroom mycelium lasts 3-5 years. This period can be prolonged with the addition of Epin or another growth stimulant.

A technology for growing chanterelles was patented in the USA. The mycelium is planted in a closed space. The work proceeds in a similar way to mushroom cultivation.

Algorithm for planting chanterelles in home conditions:

  1. Prepare a basement or storage room: clear it of dirt, concrete the floor, plug holes and cracks, treat the surfaces with an antiseptic. Be sure to provide ventilation.
  2. In domestic conditions, a temperature of about +16 ° C and humidity of 70% is maintained.
  3. To obtain substrate, mix peat, manure and wood ash. The mixture is filled into boxes or bags.
  4. Mycelium is laid in the substrate, which is watered abundantly with warm water.
  5. After 2 weeks, soil, peat and limestone are placed on the mushroom mycelium. The temperature is lowered to +14 ° C and the first seedlings are awaited.

French technology

In France, chanterelles were found to be more common in apple orchards. Therefore, when cultivating them, a special substrate is prepared. Any apple leftovers such as peel, skins and so on are added. This composition promotes the active growth of fruiting bodies.

Mushroom cultivation takes place on a separate bed. A dry, shady place is chosen, which will not be flooded in spring. It is good if begonias or phlox grow nearby. For a sunny area, a canvas canopy is erected, which will protect the beds from direct sunlight.

Instructions for growing chanterelles using French technology:

  1. The floor is checked on the selected area.
  2. A substrate made of peat, wood ash and gypsum in a ratio of 10:5:1 is placed in the resulting hole. In addition, leftover apples are added.
  3. Before they are planted, the soil is watered abundantly. They sprinkle the bottom with mycelium from above.
  4. Beds are sprinkled with fertile soil 5 cm thick.

German technology

German technology offers the easiest way to grow mushrooms. First, at home, prepare the mycelium: chop the cap of the chanterelles and cut into pieces. The pieces obtained are placed in a bucket of water and 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar are added. This composition stimulates spore germination. The mass is left to stand for 4 hours, stirring occasionally.

Then the contents of the container are divided and kept in a cool place at a temperature of 10-15 °C. Planting work begins after 2 days. The mycelium is placed in the soil under the roots of the trees and covered with a layer of soil. The planting place is watered with water left over from soaking the chanterelles. The first mushrooms appear after 2-3 weeks.

Tip! The best porcini mushrooms are best grown in the apple orchard using German technology.

How to grow boletus at home

Growing porcini mushrooms at home is a simple and fascinating process. The mushroom mycelium is planted in boxes that are kept on the windowsill. The best results are achieved when growing outdoors.

How to grow chanterelles at home on the windowsill

To grow mushrooms at home, a windowsill or balcony is suitable. Windows should face west or north. Mushroom mycelium does not grow under direct rays of the sun. The mycelium is placed in jars, pots or boxes.

Instructions for growing chanterelles on the windowsill:

  1. The containers are half filled with a substrate made of peat, gypsum and wood ash.
  2. Then commercial mycelium or crushed hats are put on top.
  3. Earth from the deciduous forest is piled up above.
  4. The soil is watered abundantly with warm water.

Mushroom cultivation is maintained by irrigation for two weeks. Sunbeams should be avoided and the soil should not dry out. If all the conditions are met, the seedlings will emerge within two weeks.

How to grow boletus on the plot

Any suitable method can be chosen for the cultivation of porcini mushrooms. The work will be carried out from April to August. First, the mushroom mycelium is prepared: the caps are crushed and soaked in water to release the spores. If commercial mycelium is used, the consumption is 10 g per 1 m².

Regardless of the technology chosen, the following algorithm is followed when growing porcini mushrooms:

  1. Purchase or procurement of mycelium.
  2. If necessary, mix the substrate for the beds.
  3. Planting the mycelium in the ground.
  4. Persistent watering.
  5. Winter cover with dry leaves from deciduous forests.
  6. Removal of cover in spring, watering when there is no rainfall.
  7. Fertilization of the mushroom mycelium after fruiting.

Attention! With favorable microclimate conditions, up to 5 kg of porcini mushrooms can be harvested per 1 m².

Tips and recommendations

To grow morels at home, you should follow the following recommendations:

  • Use a substrate containing peat, birch or oak flour, wood ash and gypsum;
  • Do not add fresh manure or other organic matter to the soil;
  • Water the mushrooms regularly during growth to prevent the soil from drying out;
  • Chlorinated water should not be used indoors. It is best to use melted or rainwater;
  • During drought, water consumption increases to 15-20 l per 1 m²;
  • Mulch the beds with dry leaves and branches;
  • Cover the planting site with a layer of leaves or straw in winter;
  • Annually you should add up to 1 l of ash per 1 m² of plantings.

In domestic conditions, morels actively develop in heat and high humidity. The first harvest is collected already the following year after inoculation of the mycelium. Mineral fertilizers are not suitable for fertilization. The best composition is wood ash, which is added to water before watering. In addition, the mycelium is fertilized with fresh apple juice.


Growing porcini mushrooms at home will help you collect regular crops of mushrooms. First choose a suitable place – window sill or garden. Then buy mycelium and substrate.

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